“I don’t think people are interested in a rematch with Barby Juárez,” says Jackie Nava.


Jackie Nava does not know of any negotiation for revenge with Mariana “Barby” Juárez, but he made it clear that if it occurs it would only be for the economic aspect. He considers that people are not interested after the resounding triumph he achieved on October 30.

“The truth is, I do not see that something is being negotiated,” said the Aztec Princess. “They haven’t told me anything. I think, with all due respect, that I don’t think people are very interested in the second fight. “

Visiting Mexico City to be present at the 59th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council, the Tijuana native said that if the first match had been more even, she would have liked a rematch, but it was not like that.

“If it had been a very even fight, maybe yes,” he added. Jackie. “But I think it was a one-sided fight where we dominated well. People saw it ”.

In the event of that lawsuit with the Barby, said it would be just for the economic aspect and a juicy bag.

“If there is a rematch, it would be for a good bag,” said the first champion in the history of the CMB. “It would be a good negotiation, that’s what I consider. They have not told me of an offer, they have not told me anything, but if it happens, it would be for that ”.

I am the princess of all Mexico: Jackie Nava acknowledges that it was her most important fight

More than revenge with Barby, Jackie aspires to a world title

What you want Jackie, already in the final stretch of his professional career, it is an international or world title fight. The rooster champion of the CMB, Yulihan moon, is in the crosshairs.

“I have been looking for an international fight for a long time,” he said. Jackie. “It was one of my challenges Mariana, people were asking for it and it interested me, I think we did a good job that day. By taking that step I would like to finish my career, and challenge Yulihan I am interested too”.

About Jackie Nava and a possible rematch with the Barby juarez, the promoter Fernando Beltran said to LEFT PUNCH who would be willing and even to do it in Mexico City, although also the Aztec Princess would deserve a world title fight.

“I think it’s a fight that maybe deserves a rematch,” he said. Fernando Beltran. “And we would do it in Mexico City with great pleasure, where is the Barby, and the truth with pleasure. But a title is also interesting for Jackie, has put the name of Mexico high and deserves it “.

Jackie Nava defeated by clear unanimous decision Barby in the Municipal Auditorium of Tijuana on October 30, to get the Diamond Rooster Belt of the CMB.

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