NFL Predictions: Game Plan for Week 11

NFL Predictions: Game Plan for Week 11

Washington Redskins beating Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh Steleers tying! with the Detroit Lions. This is how unpredictable the 2021 season of the NFL is, which, far from alienating fans, has led to a rise in television ratings on the current schedule.

And how can it not be like that when every Sunday anyone can beat the favorite?


The Sunday menu of Week 11 will be filled with meetings that will surely keep the heart level of the fans in tension, with games that begin to draw the picture towards the playoffs in a more definitive way.

Of course, lunchtime may be accompanied by the succulent dish that the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs will surely offer, in a duel that, at least on paper, will cause more fireworks than the Chinese New Year.

Here is the analysis of the experts of ESPN Deportes in the face of the great Sunday that is looming.



That of the Cowboys brings greater consistency throughout the season. The Chiefs’ team, however, has a higher ceiling and comes from having their best game. Make yourself famous and go to sleep.

I understand that when you get to two consecutive Super Bowls like Kansas City has, you earn the benefit of the doubt, but Dallas has the best offense in the NFL in terms of ranking, and Patrick Mahomes threw nine interceptions in his first few. seven games, so I don’t think there are many doubts about which offense goes better.

But in this league, sometimes it’s about reaching your peak at the right time, and it feels like the Chiefs are slowly getting back to being.

ALFONSO MANCILLA / Twitter: @poncho_mancilla

A year ago, when the Dallas Cowboys were still mourning the ankle injury from losing Dak Prescott and the Kansas City Chiefs looked good enough to revalidate the NFL title, this discussion would never have been imagined.

But in one of the most unexpected post-pandemic miracles, the Cowboys attack takes navel picket with that of the Chiefs. In fact, Dallas will come in with the best average yards per game (433.9).

When they meet this weekend, it will be the first time this season that two offenses that scored more than 40 points the week before are measured. And no, none of them did it against the New York Jets defense.

Based on mere statistics, Dallas’ attack looks more glamorous than Kansas City’s, thanks to Prescott’s season (leading the NFL in rating, 110.8 average).

Would it be very daring to predict that these same teams could play the Super Bowl on February 14? It’s not far-fetched precisely to the extent that both offenses maintain the high level and Prescott does not become the new version of Tony Romo in the postseason.

IVIS ABURTO / Twitter: @IvisAburto

That of the Chiefs. The perception is that the Kansas City offense has not worked as it did in recent years, and in some way, that idea is justified with the constant turnovers they suffered in the first half of the season, but the reality, at least This is demonstrated by the statistics, is that the attack commanded by Patrick Mahomes has remained productive with good gains in yards per game and per play. Even before their current three-game winning streak, the Chiefs were averaging 7.7 yards per play.

Simply, that yardage production was not reflected in points or wins due to inopportune interceptions or fumbles suffered in rival territory or red zone.

PABLO VIRUEGA / Twitter: @PabloViruega

That of Dallas because it has maintained a regularity throughout most of the season, except for the game against Denver.

In addition, it is much more balanced than the Chiefs. Cowboys can run the ball and have weapons to throw it, while the Chiefs has trouble establishing the game on the ground.

Now, the difference may be Patrick Mahomes, even though Dak Prescott is having an MVP candidate season, Mahomes is very talented and at any moment he can make a difference in the match in a single play.

The point will go through the defenses, where both have their weaknesses, although that of the Cowboys has been characterized by provoking exchanges of the ball.

CARLOS NAVA / Twitter: @TapaNava

The Cowboys offense is at its best in almost every way, based on consistency and balance throughout the season. Despite being super vertical, they barely deliver balls, especially when compared to the Chiefs.

It is the first time since they were last champions, in the 1995 season, that they reached Week 11 as the leaders in points per game and yards generated. They are the team with the fewest negative plays (32) and are at a record pace. They may not have Pat Mahomes, Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce, but they have more players among receivers, tight ends and running backs who can do damage.


SEBASTIAN: With great power comes great responsibility. In other words, to qualify as a disappointment a team has to have high expectations before the season.

This situation is fluid because there is still a lot of football to play, but at the moment I would say the Seattle Seahawks.

It was an atypical offseason in which there was talk of the possible departure of Russell Wilson. They changed the offensive coordinator and brought him help on the offensive line, but not only has he not shone, he also suffered an injury, but the defense has also been a strainer.

Seattle entered this year with aspirations, and it seems difficult that it can qualify for the playoffs. And if he doesn’t, it wouldn’t be surprising if a divorce between the Seahawks and Wilson occurs in the summer.

ALFONSO: Among the teams that until Week 10 are the bottoms of his division, he would rank the Cleveland Browns and Seatlle Seahwaks as the most disappointing teams, based on the talent ratio in their rosters and the team’s record.

However, in the ranking of illusion busters are the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets. They both entered the season with a new coaching clean, free agent signings and the hope of having selected their franchise quarterbacks in the past draft.

Now, it is known as incredible as it may seem, that today they are even worse in 2020.

IVIS: The Cleveland Browns.

Perhaps the naive is a servant for believing that a team that has been the laughingstock of the NFL for two decades will finally enter the group of contenders, but with the roster they have, with receivers like Jarvis Landry, a solid pair of running backs like Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, a substitute like D’Ernest Johnson, who has performed well with Chubb’s injury absences, and defenders such as Myles Garrett, Malik Jackson, Jadeveon Clowney and after reaching the Divisional Round of the Playoffs last season, it was almost mandatory to put the Browns in the contender pool.


Baker Mayfield pointed out a few days ago that this is the season in which he has suffered the most blows and injuries, but his irregularity has not helped a team that seems to only be able to reach the postseason if it wins its division.

PABLO: Miami, without a doubt. It was a team that was projected to be a contender for the postseason, after what they did last season, in addition to the changes they made to fill up with selections.

The team had a setback to last year and today they are closer to fighting the bottom of the AFC than making the playoffs.

The win against Buffalo doesn’t matter, because Miami’s main problem in recent years in the NFL is that it hasn’t had consistency from week to week, so it will be a good memory to beat the Ravens when they weren’t favorites, but you’re welcome. it will serve them if they are not regular in their game form; If they do, then they would be a team that could fight for a playoff spot, the point is that time is running out.

CHARLIE: The Dolphins must be the team that has caused the greatest disappointment at this point in the season.

His rebuilding project, which veterans bet on in exchange for options in various drafts, coaching staff and much more, was supposed to start fighting the division this year. But they are closer to competing for the top overall pick next season.

They are worse disappointment so far than the Browns, last in the North of the American Conference, with a team full of talent, because they are still in serious postseason position, with only one win less than the leader Baltimore.


SEBASTIAN: I am inclined to say neither, because they are in the two most even divisions in the NFL, so you never seem to be too far behind the leader. However, if they force me to pick one, I would say Chargers.

Mostly because I trust the Chiefs more than the Ravens as a division leader, and because the Chargers defense can’t stop the running game, and Justin Herbert has had arguably the toughest month of his young career.

ALFONSO: You don’t have to be Walter Mercado’s cousin or Mhoni Vidente’s nephew to realize that the Pittsburgh Steleers’ chances of qualifying for the postseason are lower than those of the San Diego Chargers.

Although both teams face the most complex part of their schedules from this weekend, Chargers will face it with Justin Herbert on the field, while Pittsburgh will do it with what is left of Ben Roethlisberger and his cheeks break diets.

IVIS: Without a doubt, the Steelers are at greater risk, as a win over the Chargers is currently very valuable with the high-profile matches they have in the rest of their schedule: two against Baltimore, one against Tennessee and one against Kansas City, teams that, Although they have had notable setbacks, they have managed to maintain or regain their place at the forefront in the playoff race in the AFC.

On the other hand, and also based on their calendar, the Chargers need to beat Pittsburgh at home, since losing three of their last four games has already lagged them in the fight for the title of their division and before that, if they cannot recover the At the top of the AFC West, the Steelers could be a direct rival in the fight for a postseason berth as a wild card.

The rest of the Los Angeles schedule is more benign than the Steelers’, but the problem with the Chargers is that, after their collapses of recent years, it’s hard to trust they can take advantage of games that, on paper, they must win as their two remaining games against Las Vegas and those they have against Denver, Giants or Houston.

PABLO: The Steelers are more at risk because of the schedule they have left for the rest of the season with two games against the Ravens, Titans and Chiefs, in addition to the Bengals who already lost the first. Chargers have winnable games against the Bengals, Giants, Broncos (2) and Texans.

By schedule the Steelers are at risk, but their experience in key positions can help them to be in the fight, plus we know that Mike Tomlin’s teams always find a way to compete and not take them for granted.

Los Angeles is a team with great offensive talent and that can, despite a hypothetical loss to the Steelers, can come back on the road and fight in their Division or for a place as a wild card.

CHARLIE: The Steelers are more at risk of being left out because they still have seven games against teams that are seriously in the playoff discussion, including four against division rivals plus Tennessee and Kansas City. Its margin of error is much smaller.

The Chargers have a more benevolent schedule, although the Steelers can never be ruled out.

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