Porter vs. Crawford exposes absence of Mexicans at welterweight

Porter vs Crawford expone ausencia de mexicanos en peso welter

With Terence crawford and Shawn porter there is no vibrant atmosphere surrounding their title fight OMB welterweight. Their clash lacks a spark despite the great quality of both and that they headline the show at the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Despite the promotional endorsement of Top rank with Bob arum and the platform ESPN / ESPN + Nor does it seem to excite beyond the fans of ‘red bone’ and boxing journalists.

What appears as a factor that probably explains this massive lack of interest is the absence of a Mexican figure to face them in the short term in the welterweight division. Or, with the withdrawal of Manny pacquiao, there is a perceived lack of an extremely famous character who can sell the fights to the masses of casual fans.

Mexico has a brilliant pool of historic champions at 147 pounds, some of them already in the Hall of Fame: Carlos Palomino (1976), Pipino Cuevas (1976), Jorge Vaca (1987), Genaro Leon (1989), Raul Marquez (nineteen ninety six), *Oscar de la hoya (1997) and Antonio Margarito (2002). And even the best welterweight in history is a Cuban that Mexico adopted as its own: José “Mantequilla” Napoles.

But since Antonio Margarito, and his fall from grace, there has been no Mexican welterweight to encourage the division. That, despite the fact that it has been one of the most lucrative in the modern era of boxing that was dominated by Floyd Mayweather, from 2007 to 2015. And also by Manny Pacquiao.

Even the case of Juan Manuel Marquez, which astonished the world by leaving unconscious Manny pacquiao in December 2012 he doesn’t fit in as a fully recognized welterweight champion. And, despite the magnitude of the fight, he received a ‘B’ title from the OMB and the CMB for knocking out Pacman. Later, in his last professional fight, he conquered before a fainted Mike alvarado the vacant welterweight belt of the OMB in 2014.

Crawford vs. Porter, and the attempt to keep 147 pounds alive

What happened? Notorious is the marked shortage of Mexican fighters with world-class credentials at 147 pounds. However, neither has a national character of Aztec origin emerged, or of another nationality that injects attention into this division after the presence and dominant personality of figures such as Mayweather, Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto.

This has carried over as a constant in the post Mayweather. It was accentuated after the recent withdrawal of Pacquiao, after being dominated by the unpopular (but solid) Yordanis Ugas, from Cuba last August. Ugas exhibited the deterioration of the Filipino at 42 years of age, after the initial fight agreed with Errol spence collapsed due to an eye injury to the Afro-descendant Texan.

After the failure represented by the cancellation of Pacquiao vs Spence, the second dish offered by Crawford vs Porter it does not meet that expectation. However, the latter is not necessarily linked to the quality that both have.

Another point is that neither Crawford neither Porter They have faced a fully popular Mexican with whom they have starred in an epic, shock match, worthy of being seen over and over again on YouTube.

Crawford dominated Raymundo Beltran in 2014, but to snatch a lightweight title from him. Porter He shared honors with the Michoacan Julio Diaz, tying first in 2012 without a belt in between and then beating him by decision in 2013 to wear a pair of sashes from organizations not recognized as world welterweight organizations.

It is however PorterThe 34-year-old division veteran who comes on a streak of having faced opponents for a world title in 11 of his last 13 fights, going 10-3 at 147 pounds during this stretch.

Crawford, 34, holds the belt OMB that was in the power of Pacquiao, since he stopped the Australian in seven rounds Jeff Horn In 2018, he has successfully defended four times with knockouts, two of them against fading fighters: Amir khan (2020) and Kell brook (2020).

Thus both are outlined to define the owner of the welterweight title and take over the narrative as the best in the division to create the promotional tension with the other 147-pound champions: Spence (CMB, FIB), Ugas (AMB).

Single Porter can boast duels with these two, having defeated by split decision Ugas in 2019 to defend his title CMB that I had then, and then yield this throne to Spence down the same road, in what has been the toughest fight for the Texan.

Whoever is the winner will have that opportunity to claim this right and put reality aside: that the promotional companies of Crawford (Top rank) and Spence (PBC) refuse to negotiate to finalize the combat that should define the new unified king of the division, provided that Ugas, in vogue, and Porter in your role of spoiler have other plans.

Mexican world champions in welterweight

Boxer Year Successful defenses

  1. Carlos Palomino 1976 7
  2. José Pipino Cuevas 1976 11
  3. Jorge Vaca 1987 0
  4. Genaro Leon 1989 0
  5. Raul Marquez 1996 2
  6. + Oscar De La Hoya 1997 7
  7. Antonio Margarito 2002 7
  8. * Juan M. Marquez 2014 0

+ Obtained Mexican citizenship in 2002

* Won ‘B’ title in 2012 and vacant WBO in 2014.

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