URBA First A: finalists are defined

URBA First A: finalists are defined

Next Saturday the semifinals of the First Division A of the Buenos Aires Rugby Union. The matches between Champagnat and La Plata on the one hand, and Atlético del Rosario and Los Matreros on the other, they can be enjoyed live from 4.30 pm on Star +.

Atlético del Rosario vs. Los Matreros (Saturday at 4:25 pm, live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: They came head to head to the last date together with Champagnat, but Plaza’s victory with bonus against Banco Nación, 38 to 14, left him as number one in the category and changed his rival for the semifinals, Los Matreros for La Silver. Atlético played a great tournament as expected, with a lot of hierarchy and forcefulness. He only fell to Champagnat in his only defeat of the year. He was the candidate before the tournament started. Los Matreros was the sensation of the First A. After the promotion of the year 2019, playing in a higher category and the way he did it was a curiosity. He got forty points on average until the fifth date, when he ran into Atlético del Rosario and left undefeated. The other falls were against Champagnat, Olivos and La Plata.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Rosario rose and fell since this new type of tournament was put into operation. In 2019 they left the Top 12 along with La Plata and last year they went for the “return objective” that was postponed due to the pandemic. They have a high-ranking squad, with players scattered throughout the system and who were even figures in the SLAR, such as Martín Elías and Manuel Nogués. The objective is the championship. For Los Matreros the year was super positive. Protagonists from the start of the tournament played as equals and are already among the four best in the contest. Beyond the result, those led by Federico Cúparo earned everyone’s respect.

BACKGROUND: After eleven years without playing, on the fifth date of this season Plaza and Los Matreros met again. It was in “La Base” and with a Rosario victory, by 42 to 19. The rojiblancos have not traveled to Rosario since 2008. On that occasion, in Zone A of Group I they lost by 37 to 8.

Champagnat vs. La Plata (Saturday at 4:25 pm, live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Partidazo looms in Estancias del Pilar between two clubs that want to return to the Top 12, a tournament in which they had a lot of participation for several seasons. Champagnat was the only undefeated at the end of the regular stage of Primera A, he beat Plaza (31-24), La Plata in Gonnet (28-26) and Los Matreros (52-28) at home. He only drew against Banco Nación on the third date and did not finish first because on the last day he ran out of the bonus against Pueyrredón (5/3 in tries). He was one of the great protagonists of the category. La Plata, for its part, made a great championship after a start where it lost in Rosario, because its debut against San Patricio was postponed due to the death of José “Pato” Roan. Afterwards, it was solid, very forceful and only came out defeated in two games during the year. Against Los Matreros he had the best performance of the first phase, with more than 50 goals in La Base (53-31)

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: If it had been a normal season, it would be two clubs with ample chances of climbing to the Top 12, both because of the two usual promotions and because of the place that came from the playoffs. But with the pandemic involved, only one team will come up and it will be the one that emerges from these two very good semifinals. Champagnat and La Plata arrive at even levels, what’s more, a sample of what they can give was the game they played in Gonnet, and that the Maristas won at the end with a drop that came after a long sequence of the Albiazules forwards. Game with a very close prognosis.

BACKGROUND: In the opening round they played a great game in Gonnet that Champagnat took in the last ball of the match, 28 to 26. The Maristas have not played against the Canarian team as local since 2013. On that occasion they were in Group I and the Platenses won by 29 to 10.

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