Alcaraz and the Davis Cup: “I’m dying to live such an experience”

Alcaraz and the Davis Cup: "I'm dying to live such an experience"

The champion of the Next Gen Finals 2021, Carlos Alcaraz fulfilled a dream when he was called up for the Spanish Davis Cup team that from next Thursday until Sunday December 5 will play the final phase, the culmination of the great year of a player who has had a meteoric progression.

Alcaraz, 18, acknowledges that everything he experienced throughout the year made him mature and grow, and that he did not expect to be called up so soon to play this competition. “I did not expect it at all. It has been a very, very good year for me, I have grown a lot during this year .. but it has been that! just one year, and I didn’t expect at all to grow up so fast, mature so fast and of course get into the Davis Cup team so fast. I have surprised myself, “said the Spanish tennis player to the tournament organization.

Alcaraz is looking forward to the competition starting. The experiences of his coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, three-time champion, accentuate the interest of the great revelation of Spanish tennis. “Yes, Juan Carlos has told me anecdotes about when he played Davis Cup, of those great moments … and another reason why I was excited to play Davis is because of the anecdotes that Juan Carlos told me. I thought: “I’m dying to live such an experience” “, revealed Alcaraz.

“Ferrero has told me on several occasions that I am going to enjoy myself, not to think about anything else. It will be difficult to play because even though the public is on your side and is cheering you on, your nerves can play a trick on you. He told me that it goes calm, without pressure, and that it tries to enjoy “, said the Spanish player.

The Spanish team is concentrated in Madrid to finalize its preparation for the Davis Cup. For Alcaraz, being part of the Spanish team is being able to fulfill a dream he had since he was a child.

“The truth is that it means a lot of power to represent Spain in the Davis Cup for the first time. When the captain told me I didn’t believe it. It was a dream I had since I was a child and to be able to fulfill it when I was 18 years old is super beautiful and super special, “acknowledged Alcaraz, who accumulates memories of historical moments in the Davis Cup.

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