First A: La Plata beat Champagnat 17-6 and entered the final looking for a place in the URBA Top 12

First A: La Plata beat Champagnat 17-6 and entered the final looking for a place in the URBA Top 12

Champagnat, undefeated in the tournament, fell in front of Silver by 17-6 in the semifinals of Primera A and El Canario will face Atlético del Rosario in the final to determine who will be the team that will ascend to the URBA Top 12.

The match started out hotly contested, with both teams committing a lot of mistakes and penalties, but still being Silver the clear dominator of the game, seeking to attack more than he had to defend. The local could not stand. Although he did not suffer too much, he did not manage, at any time, to break the defense of La Plata.

On the visit side, he showed, from the outset, that he has what it takes to return to the top flight. Through the forwards, those in yellow, reached the first try of the day, after a string of pick and go.

The complement did not modify much the passing of any. They continued to show a large number of management and decision-making errors, which did not allow either team to move the scoreboard. They managed to do it through penalties, which seemed to be the only way. There was a certain nervousness, without looking to risk a lot, and trying to break the rival defense, but without neglecting their defense.

Based on dedication, order and intelligence, Silver he got into the final for promotion to the highest category of the URBA, in which you are going to visit rosary beads, to face Plaza.


CHAMPAGNAT (6): 25- Tomás Distel, 1- Manuel Graciarena, 3- Bryan Jalk; 23- Francisco Castelli, 5- Iñaki Ustariz; 6- Matias Alonso, 7- Tomás Alonso, 8- Lucas Valdez; 9- Martin Graciarena, 10- Gonzalo Costaguta; 11- Tomás Podingo; 12- Tobías Imbrosciano, 13- Simón Montes; 14- Martin Cordeyro ©; 15- Gregorio Carol Lugones.

Changes: PT: 8 ‘Santos Panelo by Simón Montes (provisional), 27’ Segundo Fiks by Gregorio Carol Lugones, 39 ‘Santiago De La Fuente by Iñaki Ustariz. ST: 4 ‘Manuel Mauvecin by Tomás Distel, 21’ Fernando Rodríguez Pascarella by Bryan Jalk, 30 ‘Santos Panelo by Tomás Podingo, 30’ Josué Del Río by Lucas Valdez, 35 ‘Alberto Adissi by Manuel Mauvecin, 39’ Pedro Del Piano by Martin Graciarena.

Trainers: Facundo Villanueva, Federico Villanueva and Iván Hansen.

THE SILVER (17): 1- Ariel Del Cerro, 2- Juan Turdó, 3- Francisco Uriarte; 4- Valentín Ozog, 17- Guillermo Roán ©; 7- Manuel Dacal, 6- Carlos Mendieta, 8- Francisco Suárez Folch; 9- Homero Alegre, 10- Tomás Suarez Folch; 11- Valentin Cinti; 12- Antonio Boccadoro, 13- Iván Albina; 14- Facundo Panigatti; 15- Augusto Garcia Larcher.

Changes: ST: 11 ‘Nicolás Defelitto by Francisco Uriarte, 21’ Luciano Di Lucca by Augusto García Larcher, 26 ‘Manuel García Mónaco by Homero Alegre, 36’ Justo Lundín by Manuel Dacal, 39 ‘Enrico Delucchi by Iván Turdó, 39’ Adrián Alarcón by Guillermo Roán, 39 ‘Manuel Arteche by Iván Albina.

Trainers: Benjamin Tomaghelli, Sebastián Rondinelli and Esteban Durante.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 7 ‘Juan Turdó try converted by Tomás Suárez Folch (LP), 10’ Gonzalo Costaguta (C) penalty.

Partial result: Chamagnat 3-7 La Plata.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 12 ‘Gonzalo Costaguta (C) penalty, 21’ Tomás Suárez Folch (LP) penalty, 37 ‘Antonio Boccadoro try converted by Tomás Suárez Folch (LP).

Final score: Champagnat 6-17 La Plata.

Admonished: There was not.

REFEREE: Tomás Bertazza.


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