First B: San Martín beat Hurling 26-17 and is a finalist

First B: San Martín beat Hurling 26-17 and is a finalist

San Martin he won a rough match to Hurling 26 to 17 home and with this victory he went to the final for promotion, where he will face San Cirano, which beat Liceo Naval 25 to 17 in the other semifinal of the category.

In a game full of emotions, both teams were very solid in defense and there were not many tries during the day due to the pressure required to be in the semifinals and they gave it their all until the end.

The first half was quite dynamic and there was a lot of movement of the ball. San Martin he was able to touch the ingoal with a great maul try supported by his captain Franco Cammarata barely started the game, but those of Hurlingham quickly gave revenge and made a conquest of the hand of Francisco Morrow to equalize.

During the second half of the game, the superiority of the local team generated many discomforts for those of Hurling. Although there was no try, two infringements by the visitor gave a chance to San Martin of discounting 6 key points and then with a drop of Francisco Bugge they managed to get a wide difference to consecrate themselves winners.

The next meeting for San Martin will be the final Saturday, November 27 visitor in San Cirano, a team that they beat in the regular round and will go for the win to be promoted to First A in the 2022 tournament.


SAN MARTIN (26): 1- Juan Cruz Pompei, 2- Franco Cammarata (C), 3- Facundo Panes, 4 Diego Lorenzo, 5- Luciano Mastrolorenzo, 6- Federico Gioedanelli, 7- Tomás Aguirre, 8- Mateo González, 9- Miguel Schifino, 10- Joaquín Adami, 11- Francisco Bugge, 12- Manuel Bianco, 13- Agutín Ferraro, 14- Juan Pollet, 15- Franco De Giovanni.

Changes: ST: 12 ‘Julián Papa by Facundo Panes, 22’ Nahuel Caracciolo by Diego Lorenzo and Mariano Pérez Mosquera by Francisco Bugge, 26 ‘Lautaro Guerrero Toia by Juan Cruz Pompei and Joaquín Pezzutti by Tomás Aguirre and 35’ Gianluca Gianolli by Federico Gioedanelli.

Trainers: Francisco Panicevic, Ezequiel Pizorno and Ezequiel Mariño.

HURLING (17): 1- Fernando Martínez, 2- Rodrigo Novo, 3- Facundo Makcruz, 4- Francisco Morrow, 5- Gastón Caraballo; 6- Juan Lavignolle, 7- Andrés Wade (C), 8- Mateo Morrow, 9- Patricio Braida Propato, 10- Diego Parareda, 11- Matías Noziglia, 12- Juan Pablo Rolleri, 13- Ignacio Fernández, 14- Manuel Bustinduy, 15- Francisco Gaspes.

Changes: PT: 20 ‘Pedro Doherty by Matías Noziglia. ST: 17 ‘Nicolás Mateo by Fernando Martínez and 33’ Bautista Sánchez Rizzi by Juan Pablo Rolleri.

Trainers: Matías Ekmekdjian, Maximiliano Burtín and Fabián Cainzos.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 8 ‘Try by Franco Cammarata converted by Franco De Giovanni (SM), 14’ Try by Francisco Morrow converted by Diego Parareda (H), 27 ‘Penalty by Franco De Giovanni (SM), 29’ Try by Pedro Doherty converted by Diego Parareda (H), 32 ‘Try by Francisco Bugge converted by Franco De Giovanni (SM), Penalty by Diego Parareda (H).

Partial result: San Martín 17-17 Hurling.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 2 ‘Penalty by Franco De Giovanni (SM), 9’ Drop by Manuel Bianco (SM), 16 ‘Penalty by Franco De Giovanni (SM).

Final score: San Martín 26-17 Hurling.

Admonished: There was no

REFEREE: Matías Rizzo.

BASKETBALL COURT: San Martín, Saenz Peña.

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