Florentino Pérez: “The Super League is freedom”

Florentino Pérez: "The Super League is freedom"

MADRID – Florentino Pérez described the European Super League that various clubs want to form as “freedom.” The president of Real Madrid took advantage of his appearance at the annual Assembly of compromise partners to launch several messages to UEFA and reinforce the proposal that Madrid, Barça and Juventus continue to lead against the current Champions League format.

“The Super League is freedom, self-government, financial fairplay in the face of unacceptable aid, transparency, solidarity to create a new soccer structure, respect for national competitions, despite the information intoxications, and respect for the fans,” commented the white president.

“Young people are moving away from football. The trigger was UEFA’s Swiss model for the Champions League, with more inconsequential matches. That only makes the situation worse. That is why the association of 12 European clubs was created ”, Pérez explained to his compromisers members in Real Madrid City

The white president continued explaining the new soccer model that he presented in a Spanish debate program on April 19 of this year. Precisely this week, several partners reproached the president for the “little seriousness”, according to sources confirmed to ESPN, when making public the new idea of ​​competition.

Several founding clubs of the Super League announced a few days later that they were unmarked from this format. Entities such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Atlético de Madrid preferred to set another course, at least initially.

At this point, the project is still led by Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus who, publicly, continue to reinforce a format different from the current UEFA one. Precisely the president of the highest body of European football, Aleksander Ceferin, was criticized by Florentino.

“How is it possible that a UEFA president insulted the president of an entity like Juventus? Everything was worth against the Super League. Three of the 12 clubs did not give in to an agreement that is unbreakable. The three of us have 20 European Cups. Just like you have to remind UEFA who Real Madrid is ”, commented the white president to the ovation of those present.

And it is that Real Madrid, in the words of Florentino Pérez himself, will continue to fight for the Super League, understanding that there is a “UEFA monopoly, something incompatible with European Union legislation, which is only understood from political interests.”

“We are not going to give in to illegal threats. We fully trust European Justice. We will not give in. We all hear the UEFA president talk about making financial fairplay more flexible, allowing injections from states or actors outside the European Union”, referring to clubs like PSG, which is not included in the European Super League format and which was aligned in favor of UEFA from the beginning.

Florentino closed his appearance by also talking about the new Santiago Bernabéu, which he said will become “an attraction for the city of Madrid”, and publicly announced that the club’s assets are 533 million euros after reducing the exercise by more than 200 million because of the COVID-19 crisis.

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