In Zanfer they trust in having the legal reason and current contract with Vaquero Navarrete

En Zanfer confían en tener la razón legal y contrato vigente con Vaquero Navarrete

While the boxer Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete ensures that he is a free agent and that he will look for the best fights, in the promoter Zanfer there is total confidence that reason is on their side, with a current contract, and they assure that the fighter is poorly advised.

A source within the Tijuana-based promoter informed LEFT PUNCH that everything is in the hands of the lawyers. The staff of Zanfer has gone into total secrecy about the case of the Navarrete cowboy, and few are those who wish to speak about the subject, always under the condition of anonymity.

“Everything will be done through the lawyers,” said the source. “He still has a term with us, we have a current contract and the added value that the contract was drawn up in the United States.”

He added that this whole situation is being given due to bad advice to the two-time world champion, but they trust that everything will be solved.

“They have misguided Emanuel”He added. “I do not think what will proceed Emanuel he wants to, but we have everything legally ”.

Navarrete claims to be a free agent; Fernando Beltrán sent him a message

Friday the Navarrete cowboy He surprised with a message on his social networks in which he announced the beginning of “a new facet as a free agent.” He was sure that he would seek “wars” for the fans and that there would be good news soon.

Zanfer responded immediately with a statement in which they reported that it has a current multi-year contract.

“In such virtue, Emanuel Navarrete he must honor the agreed commitment, so any bad advice received by the boxer will not be grounds or grounds to invalidate said contract, ”the statement reads.

Even the owner of Zanfer promotions, Fernando Beltran, he sent a message on his social networks to Cowboy, in which he reiterates that he is poorly advised and that he has been one of the most active champions.

Emanuel, you are poorly advised, the contract is in force; and I remind you that you have been one of the most active champions since you were crowned ”, he published Beltran in your account Instagram.

The Cowboy, who was the super bantamweight champion of the OMB, from which he made five defenses, rose to the featherweight division and was crowned on October 9 of last year, a scepter that he already defended twice this year, to have a 9-0 record in world title fights.

On November 2, the same Cowboy published on his social networks a photo where he looked with Alejandro Brito, who serves as Director of operations of the company Bxstrs Promotions.

“We were talking with my attorney and I assure you that very good things are coming,” he published Navarrete.

The image and the message were retweeted by the same Brito.

“Committed to the maximum with you always. It is a pride and a great privilege to be part of the decisions of your brilliant career ”, he posted Brito.

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