“Makabu may be where Canelo’s career will stop,” says Alfonso Zamora

Makabu puede ser donde tope la carrera de Canelo, asegura Alfonso Zamora

At some point in his career all boxers have a cap and the African Ilunga Makabu could be that of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, who would come to that fight with a lack of strength and speed, considered the former Mexican world champion Alfonso Zamora.

“We also have a stop in life, a point where we hit the limit in the race, “he said. Zamora in interview for LEFT PUNCH. “It is not impossible that this is the stop from Canelo for the weight nothing else, not for the technique, because Canelo is technically superior to this boy. It remains to be seen if he shows it with less weight ”.

During your attendance at the 59th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council (WBC), the former world bantamweight champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA) He said that boxers are up for new challenges.

“It is one more challenge than Canelo and he can do it, “said the silver medalist at the Munich 72 Olympic Games.” He has shown that he can gain weight, but who knows how far.

Weight gain can impair Canelo’s abilities, according to Zamora

But climbing into the cruise ship division could be dangerous for him. Canelo, which will surely come to the fight before Makabu with a lack of strength and speed, according to Zamora.

“It can be dangerous, because Canelo it does not give that weight, it is definitive, “he said. Alfonso Zamora. “Canelo He will not be strong at that weight, he will arrive with a lack of strength, with a lack of speed, it is somewhat dangerous ”.

Finally, he considered that Canelo He will risk a lot in that fight, if it comes to fruition against the cruiserweight champion, although the Mexican can overcome that challenge.

“He is risking,” he concluded Zamora. “But as I comment, the challenges are to be overcome and Canelo can do it”.

At the convention of CMB, Coach Eddy reynoso He asked for an opportunity for Canelo to fight for the cruiserweight title, which was authorized. On the closing day, Canelo and Makabu They met for their first friendly and respectful face-to-face.

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