URBA Top 12: Alumni beat San Luis 47-29

URBA Top 12: Alumni beat San Luis 47-29

By the last date of the second round of the URBA Top 12, Alumni was imposed on saint Louis 47-29 and closed the year with a great victory at home.

Alumni He started the game determined to attack, trying to corner San Luis, but the visitors were the ones who went ahead first, with a good set of hands and culminating the play with Eduardo Ruesta’s try. The Tortuguitas team continued with their winning mentality and quickly managed to recover through an excellent rake from Máximo Provenzano and the conquest of winger Luca Sábato.

In a round trip, San Luis responded with an offload from Teo Ferrari and a try from teammate Isidro Martínez. However, the locals showed that the game was played at home and through the line they got back up on the scoreboard. The indiscipline of the players from La Plata gave Alumni an advantage, who scored two penalty try in a row and thus was able to go to rest 28 to 15.

The second half began with a try on the tip of Tomás Bivort. After that, the game got stuck because of the substitutions and penalties committed by both teams. The show continued with a good play by Alumni that culminated with a try under the sticks of Cruz González Bibolini and the good aim that Máximo Provenzano had throughout the day.

The visiting team responded with a good individual play by Eduardo Ruesta but the red and white returned to support through their forwards. At the end of the match, Facundo Cúcolo scored the try for San Luis, which did not reach him and fell on the last date of the second round.


ALUMNI: 1. Federico Lucca Ibbos, 2. Tomás Bivort, 3. Ezequiel Oliva, 4. Juan Anderson, 5. Santiago Alduncín, 6. Ignacio Etchegoyen, 7. Mariano Romanini (C), 8. Tobías Moyano, 9. Tomás Passerotti, 10 Gonzalo Ambroa, 11. Luca Sábato, 12. Máximo Provenzano, 13. Alejo González Chaves, 14. Cruz González Bibolini, 15. Tomás Corneille.

Changes: 35 & # 39; Ignacio Etchegoyen left and Ignacio Milou entered. 65 ‘Juan Cruz Garri, Maximiliano Ezequiel Oliva and Juan Cruz Alvariñas entered and Federico Lucca Ibos, Tomás Bivort and Mariano Romanini left.

COACH: Santiago Van Der Ghote

SAINT LOUIS: 1. Alan Oubiña (C), 2. Gastón Giménez, 3. Exequiel Martínez, 4. Matías Perissinotto, 5. Carlos Iayun, 6. Felipe Piatti, 7. Franco Gnecco, 8. Facundo Álvarez Amado, 9. Manuel Sánchez, 10 Second White Fresh, 11. Facundo Cúcolo, 12. Teo Ferrari, 13. Facundo Gibert, 14. Eduardo Ruesta, 15. Isidro Martínez.

Changes: 40 ‘Nahuel Curti and Franco Cantalupo entered and Tomás Ezequiel Martínez and Facundo Álvarez Amado left; 60 ‘Nahuel Curti entered and Felipe Piatti left; 64 ‘Pedro Acerbo and Ignacio Castiglione entered and Carlos Layun and Manuel Sánchez Merlo left; 69 ‘Valentino Quattrochi entered and Segundo Blanco Fresco came out; 76 ‘Franco Fagre entered and Franco Cantalupo left. 78 ‘Gonzalo Molina Ferrer entered and Teo Ferrari left.

COACH: Luciano Lazzarini

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 5′ Try by Eduardo Ruesta (SL); 9 ‘Try by Luca Sábato converted by Máximo Provenzano (A); 30 ‘Try by Isidro Martínez converted by Segundo Blanco Fresco (SL); 31 ‘Try by Juan Anderson converted by Máximo Provenzano (A); 35 ‘Penalty converted by Segundo Blanco Fresco (SL); 40 ‘Try Penalty (A); 40 ‘Try Penalty (A).

Partial Result: Alumni 28-15 San Luis

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 42 ‘Try by Tomás Bivort (A); 59 ‘Try by Cruz González Bibolini converted by Máximo Provenzano (A); 65 ‘Try by Eduardo Ruesta converted by Valentino Quattrochi (SL); 72 ‘Try by Santiago Alduncín converted by Máximo Provenzano (A); 80 ‘Try by Facundo Cúcolo converted by Valentino Quattrochi (SL).

Final score: Alumni 47-29 San Luis.

WARNED: 29 ‘Mariano Romanini (A); 40 ‘Gastón Giménez (SL); 74 ‘Gonzalo Ambroa.

REFEREE: Mauro rossi

BASKETBALL COURT: Little turtles

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