URBA Top 12: Newman defeated Regatas and thinks about the semifinals

URBA Top 12: Newman defeated Regatas and thinks about the semifinals

In an afternoon where the heat was the protagonist, Regattas surprised Newman and defeated it 37-21, for the last date of the second round of the URBA Top 12.

The set of Beautiful view He started with an aggressive game and focused on the attack and thus at 13 minutes the scoreboard took the lead thanks to Santiago Mare who scored in the rival ingoal. Newman approached with two penalties from his opening Gonzalo Gutierrez Taboada, but with one more trie per side they went to half-time 11 to 14 in favor of Regatas.

In the second half it would be different, since The cardinal He went out to look for the game and six minutes later his hooker scored a try Marcelo brandi to go up on the scoreboard by 18 to 14.

Although Regatas kept trying, a team with less intensity was seen which allowed Newman to grow. In such a way the locals converted three tries being the authors Alejandro Urtubey, Lucas Marguery and Juan Daireaux, while on the side of those of Bella Vista he scored the second line Nicolas Juarez Bosch. In this way the match ended 37 to 21 in favor of Newman.

The Bordo with this victory they end up as the best team of the tournament and leader of the Zone B. In addition, Newman won 14 of the 16 games played this year, which makes him the great candidate to win the URBA Top 12.

Next weekend the semifinals, in which El Cardenal will face CUBA in search of reaching the long-awaited final.


NEWMAN (37): 1. Alberto Porolli, 2. Marcelo Brandi, 3. Mariano Urtubey, 4. Tomás Ureta, 5. Alejandro Urtubey, 6. Teófilo Garay, 7. Jerónimo Ureta, 8. Beltrán Gurmendi, 9. Lucas Marguery (C), 10. Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada, 11. Agustín Gosio, 12. Tomás Keena, 13. Felipe Freyre, 14. Francisco Montoya, 15. Juan Bautista Daireaux.

Changes: ST: 11 ‘James Wright by Alberto Porolli and Luciano Borio by Mariano Urtubey; 17 ‘Esteban Bouquet by Alejandro Urtubey; 24 ‘Jerónimo Ulloa by Agustín Gosio; 32 ‘Rodrigo Pueyrredón by Marcelo Brandi and Felix Branca by Lucas Marguery.

Trainers: Alfredo Cordone, Marcelo Torres and Javier Urtubey.

RACES (21): 1. Diego Torres Agüero, 16. Pedro García Colinas, 17. Juan Manuel Gobet, 4. Nicolás Juárez Bosch, 5. Tomás Sanguinetti, 7. Santiago Camerlinckx, 6. Agustín Medrano, 8. Felipe Camerlinckx, 9. Marcos Joseph, 10 José de la Torre, 11. Francisco Pisani Caride, 12. Santiago Mare, 13. Juan Corso, 14. Alejo Barrera, 15. Cruz Camerlinckx (C).

Changes: ST: 5 ‘Beltrán Landivar by Juan Gobet; 19 ‘Enrique Camerlinckx for Alejo Barrera; 36 ‘Felipe Torreguitar for Cruz Camerlinckx.

Trainers: Pablo Camerlinckx and Francisco Camerlinckx.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 5 ‘Penalty converted by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N); 13 ‘Try Santiago Mare converted by José De La Torre (R); 26 ‘Penalty converted by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N); 28 ‘Try Cruz Camerlinckx converted by José De La Torre (R); 33 ‘Try Francisco Montoya (N).

PARTIAL RESULT: Newman 11 – 14 Regattas

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 6 ‘Try Marcelo Brandi converted by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N); 14 ‘Try Alejandro Urtubey converted by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N); 21 ‘Try Nicolás Juárez Bosch converted by José De La Torre (R); 31 ‘Try Lucas Marguery converted by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N); 40 ‘try Juan Daireaux (N).

FINAL SCORE: Newman 37 – 21 Regattas

WARNED: PT: 40 ‘Agustín Medrano (R). ST: 18 ‘Beltrán Gurmendi (N); 27 ‘Jerónimo Ulloa (N).

REFEREE: Paul houghton


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