Father’s love! The emotional explanation of why Kenny Porter stopped his son Shawn’s fight

Kenny Porter explicó por qué detuvo la pelea de Shawn y Terence Crawford

Kenny porter, father and coach of Shawn porter, gave an emotional explanation of why he decided to stop his son’s fight against Terence crawford.

“In the end, tomorrow morning I will be able to see through my window his house, which is across the street,” he said. Kenny at a press conference. “I will be able to play with my grandchildren, I will be able to walk my dog ​​around their house, I will be able to hug my daughter-in-law and I will be able to continue loving my son, so we won before we got here.”

In the 10th round, Terence twice knocked down Porter. First with a left uppercut and seconds later with a combination of several blows.

After that second visit to the canvas, Porter he got quite upset and started hitting the floor. Moments later was when his corner stepped into the ring to ask the referee to stop the contest.

“When this is over, I will continue to be his father, he will continue to be my son,” he said. Kenny. “And we both understand that it is part of a long life in which there is a long way to go. I am his father, I knew what was going to happen before it happened ”.

Immediately after the fight was over, in an interview they asked Kenny porter for the reason that he had stopped the crash. He was honest and explained that it was because his son did not prepare well.

Shawn Porter and Terence Crawford

Kenny’s explanation of why he stopped the fight with Shawn Porter

For its part, Shawn announced his retirement from professional boxing the two-time world welterweight champion for the FIB and AMB.

“When you say I’m tough on him, it’s the reason we spent tonight,” he said. Kenny. “I’m tough to the point where I need to protect you, I need you to go home to your wife, I need you to go home to your children, I need you to play with them, I need you to play with me.”

Shawn porter suffered four defeats in his career: Kell brook, Keith thurman, Errol spence and now Crawford.

“I have been on several flights with my son at 20 thousand feet high several times, I have run with my son in cars at more than 100 miles per hour,” he added. Kenny. “I have ridden a camel in the (desert of) Sahara with my son. I need to keep doing those little things, this is a small part of his life “.

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