Shawn Porter announces retirement after loss to Terence Crawford

Shawn Porter anunció su retiro del boxeo

Shawn porter announced his retirement, after the loss to Terence crawford by the welter belt of the OMB.

“I am prepared to retire,” said the American at a press conference. “I was ready to announce my retirement tonight. Even if a tie had been declared, he was ready to say goodbye. I didn’t want to do it again, so I’m ready to say goodbye. “

Porter suffered the first and only knockout of his career, when the corner decided to end the fight, after being knocked down a couple of times by Crawford.

After the battle, his father Kenny porter confessed that they were not satisfied with the preparation they made for the fight and decided to stop the fight before Crawford hurt him more.

Shawn He also said he was grateful for the career he had and always came out in impeccable health.

“I think many times the ways that the sport goes sometimes wants to see us fight for 15 or 20 years, but I have been fortunate to face great fighters and stay in good health after every fight,” he said.

Shawn Porter's retirement

Shawn Porter’s retirement

Porter suffered four defeats in his career. Three of them were against elite fighters in the welterweight division as Keith thurman, Errol spence and his own Terence.

Shawn said he also considered ending his career after the contest against Spence Jr. However, he had doubts about how he would fare with another champion like Terence.

“At the time I said that Errol spence in 2017 it would be my last, but I had this feeling that I needed something more and that was Terence crawford”, He confessed. “I think I have given this sport all of me, in every training, in every fight and then again in the gyms.”

Finally, Porter who was champion by the IBF between 2013 and 2014, said that he never had in mind to fight beyond the age of 40 and leaves satisfied to have managed to fight against the best.

“After fighting with everyone at the top, there is nothing left to do,” he said. “Many will see the four losses and believe that I was only guarding the door for new stars to arrive, but I will not be that. I have never wanted to fight until I was 40 and now the time has come. “

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