This is how the European Qualifiers are, one year away from the Qatar World Cup 2022

This is how the European Qualifiers are, one year away from the Qatar World Cup 2022

Exactly one year from the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the European Qualifiers are the most advanced, since at this point confirmed ten of their thirteen classifieds and still only have to play the repechage for the last places.

The group stage this time was played almost expressly, in less than a year. It started in March 2021 and ended in November, a few days ago. He left some surprises and several historical candidates will have to go through the play-off, which promises to be vibrant in March 2022.

Italyand Portugal, the last two continental champions, They could not enforce their hierarchy and will seek classification in the playoffs. La Azzurra finished undefeated but Switzerland won one more game and stayed with the group. Meanwhile, the team of Cristiano Ronaldo lost in the last minute of local against Serbia, which was left with the square.

The reigning champion France he had no difficulty winning his zone. They finished undefeated, with 5 wins and 3 draws, ahead of Ukraine and Finland. Instead, his loser in the last World Cup final, CroatiaYes, he had to fight. He achieved the passage in an agonizing way, after beating Russia, that must go to the repechage.

The two semi-finalists of Russia 2018 will also repeat in Qatar. Belgium and England they achieved the goal with ease. The Red Devils won their zone over Welsh and Czech Republic with six wins and two draws, while Rubia Albión also qualified without losses and closed the tie with a 10-0 upon San Marino.

Germany, eternal candidate who comes from frustrations in the last World Cup and the last Euro, recovered after the surprising loss at home to North Macedonia at the beginning and won 7 games in a row to get on the plane to Qatar.

Denmark, European semi-finalist, won his first nine games and only lost on the last day against Scotland, the second in the area.

Netherlands returns to the World Cup after his surprise absence in Russia. His path in the Qualifiers was not easy, as he fought until the end against Turkey and Norway, his loser a few days ago. Another all-time favorite that suffered until the last day (penultimate actually) was Spain. La Roja lost to Sweden in September and only one fall from the set of Zlatan ibranimovic against Georgia gave him the desired passage.

Twelve selected will fight for the last three places in Qatar. Players in the category of Robert Lewandowski, Federico Chiesa, Jorginho, Christian, Bernardo silva, Bruno Fernandes, Gareth Bale and others they will have to go through the unwanted play-off, which this time will be even more demanding.

The format will be different. There will be three brackets from four teams and the winner of each one will qualify. The six seeded of the November 26 draw will be Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Russia, Sweden and Wales. In the other ciborium they will be Turkey, Poland, North macedonia, Ukraine, Austria and Czech Republic.

During the draw, the six teams from Pot 1 will be paired with those from Pot 2, with the exception of Russia and Ukraine, which according to UEFA announced, they cannot coincide in the same tie. The six winning teams will face each other in a final tie, also in a single match, for which the home and away team will be drawn.

The dates of the play-off will be March 24 for the semifinals and March 29 for the finals.

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