“Benavidez will not be the Meldrick Taylor del Canelo”, assures Robert García

Benavidez no será el Meldrick Taylor del Canelo, asegura Robert García

Coach Robert Garcia assured that David benavidez it won’t be the Meldrick taylor from Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, alluding to the dramatic fight he had Julio Cesar Chavez where he knocked out in the last seconds of the twelfth round a Taylor.

“No, it’s not going to be the Meldrick taylor of the Canelo. I think it would be a very good fight just for five or six rounds, then later Canelo would start to destroy Benavidez until knocking him out, “he explained Robert Garcia in interview for Fight Hub. “But the first four or five rounds I think would be great because Benavidez he’s fast and strong and he’s fearless so I think he’ll give him some really good rounds and that’s where the fans would be excited, the fans would see that Canelo is hit, cut, but I think eventually Canelo I would win ”.

In the same way he commented that the fight between Saul and David it could happen in a couple of years, when Benavidez have much more experience.

“(Canelo) I could still go back to 168 and fight Benavidez two years from now, since he’s still young, I think I could fight him in a few rounds a Canelo, but I think it could probably be done in 2023, ″ he warned.

Robert García spoke of ‘Canelo’ going up to cruiserweight

The coach also took time to talk about the question that the Mexican champion would go up to cruiserweight and face the champion of the CMB, Ilunga Makabu.

“I wouldn’t do it, I have no idea who that brother is (Makabu), honestly, I don’t know, I have no idea. Now he’s fighting all over the world (Canelo) because of the news, so he’s still challenging himself, you know? ”he said.

“If they fight at 200 pounds, that’s 32 pounds more than the (rivals) who are in the division of Canelo, so it’s still a big risk. But I think that ‘Canelo’ it will win easily, ”he added.

Saúl Álvarez vs. Charlo

Garcia He also commented on the possibility that Jermall charlo face Álvarez in the near future.

“TO Charlo I’d like to see him fight someone else before that (against Canelo), you know because I’m not impressed in his last fight. Charlo I could fight him because he has great skills, but I would like to see him get a solid victory first, ”he stressed.

A question expresses if ‘Canelo’ is dodging Charlo What Benavidez When boarding the prisoner cruise, the coach gave his point of view.

“He makes the decisions, no one knew he was going to announce that cruise fight, but everyone was thinking about it, because in the end he does what he wants,” he declared.

Robert García spoke about 'Canelo' Álvarez

Robert García spoke about the risks that ‘Canelo’ will have when going up to cruiserweight

The coach pointed out that having to gain muscle weight to be able to fight in the cruiserweight division will be a factor and that is a risk above the ring.

“It’s possible, because he’s going to have to gain 22 pounds of muscle and look solid, so that could be a problem,” he said. “He’s already very strong, so I don’t think he wants to get too heavy,” I point out.

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