“Boxing will be secondary”: Jessie Vargas changes sports for politics

El boxeo será algo secundario: Jessie Vargas cambia al deporte por la política

Jessie vargas He has gone 20 months without a fight and looks willing to sacrifice even more the sport he loves, to enter politics, since he is completely focused on running as a legislator in Congress in the United States.

Vargas he is running for Nevada District 4 and as a member of the Republican Party.

“They call me ‘the pride of Las Vegas’ and I was able to represent them well in the ring,” he said. Jessie vargas in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “But we are going to another level of representing the people if I win as a congressman and that is what I hope to fight for the Latino community. And in general in Las Vegas, to build a new idea for our people that everything is possible in this life ”.

For Jessie vargas, who was a super lightweight world champion AMB and welterweight OMBBoxing is his passion, but today he is more concerned with the people of Nevada who are willing to sacrifice the sport of fists for politics.

“I have to focus 100 to represent them,” he added. Jessie. “It means that the box is something secondary. It is a big sacrifice for me because I adore and love boxing, but you think about it and see what we can do for others. If someone does not take risks or does not represent the people as they should, we have to take the step so that everything else continues, opening new doors for the new generation ”.

Jessie vargas He commented that at some point he realized that he could help not only the people of his community or boxing family, but many more and as a congressman, that is why he made the decision.

“I can generate new ideas, represent people,” said the boxer of Mexican parents. “Create new ideas in the future, ideas that anything can be done. that a Latin American can be in the White House, that’s when I said ‘I’m going to run as a congressman’ ”.

Jessie Vargas makes more money as a boxer than in politics

He ruled out that in doing so he seeks an economic benefit. He pointed out that as a boxer he made more money, and reiterated that doing good things for the community is his wish.

“I’m not there to benefit myself,” he insisted. Jessie vargas. “Because in reality they are paying me less in politics than boxing, if I help the community they pay me less, but I will be able to do great things for the community and open new doors.”

Jessie, of Mexican blood, since his parents were born in Acapulco, Guerrero, said that much of what he does today is for them, who fought to give a life to the “Pride of Las Vegas”, and now he wants to generate opportunities.

“I want other families or young boys to be able to have that opportunity that they gave me,” he said. Vargas. “That my parents fought so hard to instill in me, they fought so hard so that I would have a future. That is what I hope to continue doing with those same values ​​that they instilled in me ”.

It is a risk for your sports career to win and be a congressman. However, he is confident that there may be an opportunity to put on the gloves at least once a year.

“In an ideal world I would love to be a public servant and keep fighting,” he said. “We have about five weeks off in the year and I hope it is enough to get ahead and continue boxing once a year at least.”

He insisted that his priority is to serve the community. If chosen, boxing will be secondary, aware of the risk that it could be for his sports career.

“It’s what I want to do, if I have to take a risk and risk my career I would have to do it,” concluded the boxer. “My political career is serious for the reason that I want to represent them and do something good for the community.”

Jessie vargas began his professional career on September 5, 2008 with triumph over Joel gonzalez. He was undefeated 26 fights until he was measured at Timothy bradley, who surpassed him by unanimous decision to win the interim welterweight world title of the OMB.

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