“Chávez didn’t hit hard, but he was very insistent; I was after you ”: Azabache Martínez describes what it was like to fight with Julio César

Chávez no pegaba duro, pero era muy insistente; iba tras de ti: Azabache Martínez describe cómo era pelear con Julio César

Julio Cesar Chavez He is considered the greatest boxer that Mexico has produced, and despite all the successes achieved and the high percentage of knockouts in his victories, he did not hit hard, he said. Mario “Azabache” Martínez.

“He was not a fighter who hit hard,” said the Azabache Martinez in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “But he was a fighter who was insistent, he was after you, after you.”

It was on September 13, 1984 when both boxers had their first world title opportunity at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, for the super featherweight vacancy of the World Boxing Council (WBC) that he conquered Julio Cesar Chavez.

And although the hit of Chavez it wasn’t that powerful, as he recalls Azabache Martinez, his tireless rhythm to deliver blows and the glove were aspects that led him to triumph.

“Maybe that’s what made me tired,” he recalled. Mario of that fight that he won Julius Caesar by technical knockout in eight rounds. “He did not stop throwing blows and also endured many blows.”

Julio César Chávez and Azabache Martínez

Azabache Martínez was impressed with Chávez’s endurance

The Jet, who came into that fight with a 33-1-2 record, had 20 on the fast track, including six in a row in his previous fights. Martinez had a respectable punch, but Chavez he endured everything.

“I used to say: how can this bastard hold up?” Jet in the talk. “I don’t hit slowly, I also had my hit, but he held on. There were very few times that they knocked him down and he was actually a very good fighter. He turned out to be a very good fighter ”.

Mario Martinez He had three other world title chances after that fight, but none of them had the expected success. For his part, the great Mexican champion became one of the greatest fighters in history.

“I lost to one of the greats that Mexico has had,” he says. Mario, who more than 37 years after that fight now considers a friend to July. “We are companions, we are friends, we greet each other.”

In July 2015 they met again in a ring in an exhibition fight in Culiacán. Azabache says he is willing to face him again if the possibility arises.

“If he likes it, then yes, I would,” he said when asked if he would put the gloves on again. July. “We did an exhibition and it turned out to be good, he invited me to do it, I have nothing against him or anything, as I say, we have a good friendship and there it was.”

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