Claressa Shields says she offered Jake Paul $ 100,000 for sparring

Jake Paul y Claressa Shields

The historic boxer Claressa shields revealed that he offered $ 100,000 to Jake paul for a sparring session.

“He won’t even accept an offer to spar with me,” she said. Claressa to Sports Illustrated. “I already put 100,000 dollars on the table.”

Shields, who is a double Olympic gold medalist in boxing for the USA, said whoever was the winner of the session could go home with the money. Incidentally, he left a harsh message to the YouTuber.

“I am clear that whoever wins the session goes home with the money,” he said. “And I can bet he would go home with nothing. Although I don’t think I risk it. If we go to the real world of boxing, Jake he will never be a world champion. He will only continue to choose his rivals ”.

Despite the offer, Claressa shields crossed out Jake Paul of being a character who does not deserve more attention from you.

“He wouldn’t even dare to get into a ring with me, even if it was just sparring,” he said. “The truth is a guy who does not even deserve to talk about him. The guy is pathetic. “

It is not the first time Shields is launched against Jake paul, since a few weeks ago he showed his disapproval for seeing him in the main fight of a card of Showtime, where they wanted her to fight on the undercard.

“I literally earned my chance and no one has given it to me,” he said. “That angers me. They are giving him the chance that I won Jake paul. I fought six times in full arenas and they still won’t let me lead an event. Maybe they think I’m not ready yet, it’s complete crap. I would never fight an undercard from him or someone who didn’t earn it. If he is not a world champion, I will not fight.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury to fight on December 18

Jake Paul faces a tough challenge with Fury

Jake is preparing for his fight before Tommy fury, next December 18. He has remained undefeated in the four fights he has fought in his professional career.

Paul will face the toughest rival he has faced so far, since the half brother of the heavyweights Tyson fury, has little more experience than Jake despite being two years younger.

The YouTuber will arrive to combat after beating Tyron woodley in split decision, while Tommy will make his participation after defeating Anthony Taylor in unanimous decision on the same card.

The fight between the two is agreed to eight rounds and will be played in the Amalie Arena from Tampa bay on Florida.

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