Tealdi, vice president of the AUF: “Undoubtedly, Marcelo Gallardo is one of the options to lead the Uruguayan National Team”

Tealdi, vice president of the AUF: "Undoubtedly, Marcelo Gallardo is one of the options to lead the Uruguayan National Team"

Tealdi, vice president of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), assured this Monday that Marcelo Gallardo is one of the main options handled by the Executive of the AUF to be the new coach of Uruguay. In ‘100% Deporte’ (Radio Sport), the leader He also spoke about Diego Aguirre and was consulted about the possibilities of Hugo De León and Juan Ramón Carrasco.

“With the colleagues of the Executive we have conversations all the time, we are working practically in permanent session, mixing with the activities of CONMEBOL. Really, this whole situation is happening at a very complex moment, but we are very calm to be able to evaluate, we know of our responsibility and the Executive is very close to making the best decision, ”said Tealdi.

After the dismissal of Maestro Óscar Tabárez last Friday, his successor has not yet been defined. The vice president of the AUF indicated that what is to be avoided is throwing away names of possible candidates so as “not to generate expectations and perhaps a totally unnecessary handling.”

In any case, Tealdi admitted that the Argentine Marcelo Gallardo, today River’s coach, is one of the favorites on the part of the Uruguayan soccer authorities: “Undoubtedly it is one of the options, I will not deny it, I even think that until the President of the AUF, Ignacio Alonso, said it publicly ”, he commented.

And he added: “When you think about the coach of the National Team, you can have a large number of options, the issue is then to put on the ground, start talking and blank all the conditions. Today there are some options. You hear names in the media and if you start counting at the end there are more than twenty, but in reality the margin is much more limited, with five or six candidates who are the main ones ”.

“There is not much time for big evaluations, yes we can draw a profile. Here a coach with a very good and quality raw material is going to take on, and with four games that will be practically final. So our intention is to define it, to assume it as soon as possible, and to start working at least on planning and contacting the players, “he added.

On the possibility of Gallardo, Tealdi said: “Honestly, I do not have a candidate, I like to listen a lot and value the opinion; when a name like Gallardo comes out, I think it would be very good for the national team, but personally I am more skeptical as to what the conditions are for hiring a coach ”.

In this regard, he stressed that assuming the Uruguayan National Team has aspects for and against, one of the latter being the economic part, highlighting that Tabárez earned wages “a little more than what the Bolivian and Venezuelan federations pay.” and that the idea of ​​the AUF Executive is that the salary of the new coach is similar to that of the Master.


In relation to the possibility of Diego Aguirre, Tealdi accepted that he is one of the favorites: “Because of his background and because of his relationship, I think he is a great candidate, but it not only depends on me, there are seven members of the Executive.”

“I like Aguirre. It also has a highly consolidated coaching staff with Professor Piñataraes and Juan Verzeri; Without a doubt that this could be a point in favor for Aguirre, among the factors to be managed must be the knowledge and the previous work in the National Team ”, he affirmed.

The leader also commented that when the decision was made to dismiss Tabárez, the AUF Executive took a period of ten days to designate the new coach, so that between the end of this week and the beginning of the next one, he should announce the Celeste coach for the last four qualifying games heading to Qatar 2022.

Regarding what will be offered to the new coach, Tealdi indicated: “I do not think it is serious to offer four games and then evaluate if we qualify, the condition must be four games and if he qualifies, the coach we hire goes to the World. And from there, yes, evaluate and see continuity ”.

“The contract can be for a maximum year. And if we don’t go to the World Cup, it may be less. We have a selection with a quality raw material and a much lighter fixture than some more direct rivals, that has to be a motivation for any coach who can take this challenge. Uruguay’s team is a team with important figures, and for something we also received messages and calls from many technical representatives, because undoubtedly being a national team coach is not for everyone ”, he emphasized.

Emphasizing that Eduardo Belza will continue in his position as Sports Manager of the Uruguayan National Team, given that he is an official of the AUF and not a member of the coaching staff, Tealdi stressed that “every citizen has his candidate.”

And he commented on other names that have emerged in recent hours, such as Hugo De León, publicly proposed by Alejandro Balbi, former member of the AUF Executive and current vice president of the National Football Club.

“We listen to the opinions of all citizens, that opinion is very welcome, Balbi’s is a qualified opinion, but for now the Executive has not used that name, nor that of Juan Ramón Carrasco. The list of names is practically endless, you have to listen and accept everything, ”Tealdi said.

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