The race for the NFL Most Valuable Player award, down

The race for the NFL Most Valuable Player award, down

The loss of the game of the new blood of the NFL opens the door for some of the veteran passers to add another accolade to their showcases

Usually in November we start to look at two things in the NFL: the outlook for the playoffs, and the MVP favorites.

Regarding the first item, this season brings us so many changes that the panorama changes dramatically from week to week.

But let me, kind friends, tackle the race for the Most Valuable Player.

Today, seven weeks into the regular season, there is no clear favorite.

In other years, we already had a shortlist or a clear quartet from which surely the best player of the regular season came out. On this occasion, many of what we considered favorites are leaving much to be desired.

Last year, the Buffalo Bills quarterback had a “season”, from that 2019 to 2020 there was a gigantic leap, and he was a firm candidate to win the award, but competing with Aaron Rodgers was less than impossible.

This year, Allen looks erratic, confused, and his decisions leave much to be desired. This season, he has eight interceptions in 11 games – including two this afternoon against the Indianapolis Colts – while last year in 17 games he finished with 10.

Buffalo’s woes aren’t all a consequence of his quarterback’s weak performances, of course, but the leader of this team has gone astray.

Mahomes is, or was, a natural candidate for the distinction, but he has also had his moments of darkness. This year, he has already 11 intercepted passes in 11 games – counting today’s against the Dallas Cowboys – and in only four games he has not lost the ball.

In fact, he’s one interception away from tying his worst professional record, with six games remaining. What do you think about? Will you avoid delivering the ball twice more in those six games?

His passer rating is the worst of his career this season.

Fumble and games like this Sunday night when he had an interception without a touchdown pass have been part of the history of this season for Mahomes. Nothing to do with the 2018 season that ended as the MVP, or the 2019 season that he crowned as the Super Bowl champion.

This year, the Cowboys quarterback has had the support of his running attack to avoid having to carry all the weight of the Texan attack, that is, more options to advance the ball without having to put on the hero cape that he used to wear. their shortened 2020 season. With just one loss early in the season – to reigning NFL champions the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – it looked like they were on track to “steal” their division. However, in recent games he seems to be struggling to get off the MVP race.

This Sunday, Prescott against Kansas City, did not have touchdown passes but two deliveries of the ball, of which he has already added seven this year.


Jackson has had a good season, but when the team is not dominant it is difficult to apply. In addition, Jackson has been the target of injuries, and he missed Sunday’s game for the Baltimore Ravens with an unspecified illness.

This young and petite Arizona Cardinals quarterback is in for a great year, with 17 touchdown passes and seven interceptions. But, he has missed the last three games with an ankle injury, and although he thinks he could return next week, he will have to do so soon so as not to lose his “place in line.”

Let’s not rule out this one, who in his school days, won the Heisman Trophy


Rodgers could end up taking the nomination, even though his numbers are cheaper than in previous years. This season, he has four interceptions and is one of the five he suffered last year, when he won the MVP Most Valuable Player award, third in his illustrious career. By the way, there were 48 touchdown passes the year before; this year, through Week 11, it takes 21.

Last year Brady had 40 touchdown passes, suffered 12 interceptions, and was not enough to get into the talk of the best player of the regular season. But, with the “skinny” of the current landscape, maybe this time he will get into the conversation for a distinctive fourth MVP.

With 27 touchdown passes and seven interceptions, they may not be numbers to impress as on other occasions, but he could be considered as a candidate.


In the absence of the coup of authority at the table from the youngsters, the seasoned Rodgers or Brady could end up taking the MVP award, especially due to the loss of play of the new blood of the NFL.

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