Bets to follow in the NFL: Patriots rise among the favorites to win the Super Bowl

Bets to follow in the NFL: Patriots rise among the favorites to win the Super Bowl

New England has not only gotten into the super bowl hot betting conversation, but they also have Bill Belichick as their favorite for Coach of the Year.

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas city chiefs they have officially rejoined the discussion. Four consecutive wins, including victory over a genuine contender in the Dallas cowboys last Sunday, they created for the Chiefs a legitimate championship expectation, and a promise that they have solved some of their recent problems, particularly on defense.

Options for the Super Bowl

Kansas city (+750) is the second favorite, after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+600), and he certainly had something of attractive value a month ago at 13-1 odds. In my eyes, Chiefs they still look very unkempt, and Mahomes still not the amazing version that won the award for MVP of 2018. But the defense, which hasn’t given up more than 17 points per game in its four-week streak, has shown drastic improvement.

With five consecutive wins and covered lines, the New England Patriots (15-1) could be the best team in the AFC. Bill Belichick is pushing the right buttons defensively, and the rookie Mac Jones continues to evolve as a respectable quarterback. The Pats are now in the first place of the AFC East, and they have two commitments left before the Buffalo bills.

After his surprise victory in Buffalo, the Indianapolis Colts (30-1) They look like a team that is destined for the playoffs. A week ago, I supported a play at 30-1 to win the conference, and they confirmed that potential with a win at ‘The Ralph.’

The NFC It still feels like a mess at the top, but the Arizona cardinals (+900) they flexed the muscle again, improving to 2-1 without Kyler Murray. Los Angeles Rams (+850) have shorter odds, but Cardinals they are well positioned to win the division, and perhaps even take first place in the conference seed.

Tampa bay he snapped his two-game losing streak, and apparently has the easiest reigning schedule. However, Bucs They are 0-5 against the road this season, so let’s not get excited about a win at home against a team of the New York Giants no competent quarterback.

Futures for the Super Bowl

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600
Kansas City Chiefs +750
Buffalo Bills +800
Los Angeles Rams +850
Arizona Cardinals +900
Green Bay Packers +1000
Dallas Cowboys +1 100
Baltimore Ravens +1,200
New England Patriots +1500
Tennessee Titans +1800

Most Valuable Player Options

Is anyone else regretting not having taken Mahomes at 60-1 a couple of weeks ago? He is now a fifth seed at 9-1 odds, and he could continue his streak. That’s because the AFC it’s fully open so Kansas city in fact, he can still secure one of the top two spots in the seed, which has typically been a requirement for a quarterback who wins the award for Most valuable Player.

It’s hard to find courage with someone else, for now. Tom brady (+275) is by all rights the favorite, but the other teams in the first places in the NFC they lost, or were without their star quarterback. Regarding the AFC, Mahomes complied, but Josh allen (6-1) and Lamar jackson (13-1) did not advance their campaigns. Let’s not even start legitimizing the newbie Mac Jones (300-1) as a candidate.

Following that line, we must also hit the brakes with Jonathan Taylor (20-1). For me, it is an absurd notion. I agree that he will lead the league on the ground, and that it is a crucial part of the offense of Indy. He’s a running back, though, and they just don’t usually get the love quarterbacks are used to. Eventually, a quarterback from one of the top two seeds is going to consolidate.

I would need to Taylor at 35-1 or higher to be even remotely interested in a bet. Obviously, scoring five touchdowns in a game is incredible, and if you keep doing it, you will deserve the award. But I’m going to risk assuring that that kind of production won’t continue. Say it’s the Most valuable Player So far it’s laughable, considering Indy isn’t even a playoff team right now. Projecting it to earn the distinction is another conversation, but one I’m not willing to have, yet.

Most Valuable Player Favorites

Tom Brady +275
Josh Allen +600
Aaron Rodgers +800
Dak Prescott +850
Patrick Mahomes +900
Matthew Stafford +900
Justin Herbert +1200
Kyler Murray +1 300
Lamar Jackson +1 300
Jonathan Taylor +2000

Other prizes to consider

  • The award for Coach of the Year It seems that it will be reduced to three types. I applied to Belichick at the start of the season at 18-1, and even at 12-1 last week. In DraftKings, Belichick is the second favorite at +500, behind Kliff kingsbury (+400). Mike vrabel (+600) has done a remarkable job but could fade in the race if Tennessee suffers in the final stretch without the injured Derrick Henry. I think that Belichick He eventually wins it because he will get all the credit for a solid defense, and developing a rookie quarterback. You can still win it, even if New england qualifies for the postseason as a wild card team.

  • I’ve mentioned it previously, but it’s hard to imagine Dak prescott not winning the award Return of the Year. It is at -400 now on DraftKings. Playing with that kind of odds is never attractive, but a serious injury is the only thing that will prevent this bet from cashing. Joe burrow (+600) and James conner (10-1) could conceivably earn this recognition, but it is going to take too much.

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