Erik Morales rules out that Jaime Munguía’s punch has diminished with him as coach

Las mejoras que Erik Morales vio en Jaime Munguía en su pelea con Gabriel Rosado

The evolution that has shown Jaime Munguía It has been impressive, assured his coach Erik “Terrible” Morales, who made it clear that his pupil is ready to face any rival.

“It has evolved impressive,” said the Terrible in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “He stands up better in the ring, he walks better, he throws better punches, he misses less, he throws more concentrated, in this last fight people gave him up for the type of boxing he is presenting.”

On November 13 Munguía had one of the most complicated challenges of his career and was demanded to the fullest by Gabriel Rosado, which he defeated after a war by unanimous decision. The Terrible He was satisfied, aware that there are still things to improve.

“In general, it has evolved a lot,” he added. Erik morales. “I’m not saying it’s excellent, but it has evolved, I think it’s ready, prepared. Obviously you have to make adjustments, work, keep growing, but you should be prepared for whatever it is ”.

After highlighting the evolution of the also Tijuana native, the four-time world champion said he has heard comments regarding the fact that the hit of James has come to less with him as a coach. Erik He discarded that and assured that they are from people who do not know boxing.

“Out of five fights he has won four by knockout and has resolved them in a good way,” said the Terrible Morales. “Without a doubt it is a bazooka, imagine firing cannon shots.”

Jaime Munguía vs Gabriel Rosado

By improving attack, Munguía has improved defense, says Morales

Munguía, who was a super welterweight world champion and made five defenses of the OMB, has worked a lot in his offense under the orders of Erik, which at the same time forces him to improve his defense.

“By improving your attacks, you improve your defense,” said the Terrible. “Because when your attacks are very open, when they are very unconcentrated, very general, you are in a position that they can attack you. What I looked for is to improve his attacks and to the extent that we have improved, therefore his defense has improved ”.

In view of Pinkish showed all that boxing evolution, but that day the rival endured all the artillery of Jamesrecalled the Tijuana coach.

“He made adjustments to change gears, improve his shots,” he said. “But Pinkish He endured countless blows, hurt him and was very bad. We tried all flavors, he was a rival whose experience and ability was noticed above the ring ”.

In general, the Terrible Morales he is satisfied with the evolution he has shown Jaime Munguía, confident that he is ready for better opportunities and against quality rivals.

“He is advancing in many details, his boxing has grown a lot,” he concluded. “He has indisputably improved his defense, his attack, the times, the manner of the attacks, all the details. That is important for us because he is enriching his boxing to be able to face the best boxers ”.

After beating Pinkish, Jaime Munguía I would have to face the Ukrainian Sergiy Derevyanchenko in a tie for the average title of the World Boxing Council (WBC). This was ordered in the 59th Annual Convention of the organism.

But on the radar of James there is also a possible fight with the winner of Gennady Golovkin and Ryota murata, which will be defined in the coming weeks. Derevyanchenko fight on December 5 and the fight between GGG and the Japanese will be on the 28th of the same month.

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