NFL: some teams just needed more time to shine

NFL: some teams just needed more time to shine

Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs are among the clubs that have taken flight as of the second half of the regular season

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas city chiefs They have returned to the place they are used to. The same happens with Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

The Chiefs and Patriots They have climbed to the top of their respective divisions with winning streaks this month. The Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles they have also taken a positive turn in November.

In the longest season of the NFL, discarding teams at the end of October was premature.

The Chiefs they defeated 19-9 Dallas cowboys on Sunday for their fourth win in a row after losing 27-3 to the Tennessee Titans October 24. Now they lead the hard-fought West of the American Conference by means of game over Los Angeles Chargers (6-4) and they would be the favorites to win their sixth title in a row in the division.

Mahomes recorded his worst rating as a passer against the Titans and it began to be conjectured if the 26-year-old quarterback had gone into decline after shining in his first four seasons in the league, enshrined as NFL Most Valuable Player and of a Super bowl in successive years.

Since then, Mahomes has accumulated seven touchdown passes and two interceptions in his four-game win streak. Kansas city, propped up by a defense that gives no respite overnight, allowing 11.8 points per game during that period. The defensive formation barely allowed three field goals to Dak prescott and the best offense in the league.

“From the second half of the match against Tennessee, they started to play better ”, he said Mahomes on defense. “It went unnoticed because the offense was not doing well. We were winning thanks to our defense and because people saw our offense put those numbers. But every week I told them from this podium not to lose sight of how well the defense was performing. Do it against an offense like that [la de los Cowboys] and that she has accumulated so many yards and scores, and to silence her, is something impressive. “

If the defensive of Kansas city it stays that way, Mahomes and the Chiefs they could bow to a third Super bowl successive.

One of the teams that would stand in the way would be the Patriots, something that was inconceivable when New england started 2-4. At the time, it was believed that Patriots they had wasted their money to no avail during last free agency. But the Patriots opened Week 11 with a 25-0 victory over the Atlanta Falcons Thursday night.

The Patriots (7-4) have won five in a row, relying on a strong defense and the good performance of their rookie quarterback Mac Jones. After a bad campaign in 2020, he has returned to the top of the East of the AFC, division that New england dominated for two decades, until Tom brady decided to emigrate to Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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