Rafael Nadal’s injuries throughout his career

Rafael Nadal's injuries throughout his career

Rafael Nadal has a career full of successes. However, in recent times, numerous injuries have prevented him from achieving even better results. Some more typical annoyances in the world of tennis and another something more peculiar.

The last problem came on the American tour that they did not let him answer 100% in Washington. The alarms quickly went off as the Spaniard confirmed through his social networks that he was leaving the rest of the season.

Below, the detail of all the injuries that the Spaniard had throughout his professional career with just three seasons ended without prolonged stops (2008, 2011 and 2013):

-In 2004 came the first injury that prevented the Balearic from being in a Grand Slam, at his beloved Roland Garros.
-Your 2005 ended with the resentment of a congenital problem in his foot, which was going to force Nadal’s team to look for templates that would allow him to continue playing tennis.
-In 2006 he first withdrew from the Australian Open for back pain. Then he had to retire at Queen’s for shoulder pains.
-In 2007 some cramps in the left arm and was unable to play the Cincinnati Masters 1000.
-In 2009, the knee would force him to get off Wimbledon, where he was defending the title, and he would go far from his 100% to the US Open, where he would lose practically unopposed in the semifinals.
-In 2010 the problems for Nadal would diminish, and he would have to withdraw from his match in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.
-In 2012, once again, the knee would be the biggest problem for Rafa. He would play Wimbledon already quite touched, and he would not compete again until Viña del Mar 2013. He would miss the Olympics in which he was going to be flagged.

-In 2014, a problem in the right wrist kept him away for three months. What’s more he was operated on for appendicitis and dropped from the Masters Cup.
-In 2016, again the dollIt would make him retire from Roland Garros and not be at Wimbledon either; reaching the Games and the US Open far from 100%.
-In 2017, he would appear injured in the final of the Shanghai Masters, and would have to retire later in the quarterfinals of Paris-Bercy and after his first match in the ATP Finals.
-In 2018, injuries did not allow Nadal to play even ten events. The iliopsoas of the leg It would make him retire in the Australian quarterfinals and the US Open semifinals, and end his season earlier than planned. I would not play Shanghai, Paris, the ATP Finals, or the Davis Cup semifinals with Spain.
-In 2019, Nadal would drop out of the Indian Wells semifinals and later Miami due to lower body problems. Later, he would come out of the US Open with some wrist discomfort, which would make the Laver Cup unable to see another Nadal / Federer as a duo. He would skip on the occasion of his Shanghai wedding, and in Paris-Bercy he would retire before the semifinals with an abdominal tear, which would allow him to reach the ATP Finals and be the hero of the sixth Davis Cup for Spain.
-In 2020, you would only miss tournaments due to the fear of traveling due to COVID, but without additional physical problems.
-In 2021, his back would force him to play injured in Australia, and skip the Miami Open (Indian Wells was not played until October). From Roland Garros he would leave with the same foot problems that he had in 2005, and, Except for two games in Washington, the season for the Manacor would end there, including Wimbledon, Olympic Games, US Open, ATP Finals and four Masters 1000s.

Two titles (Rome and Barcelona) plus a 24-5 record in 2021 it seems somewhat lean for a tennis player used to Sunday flashes. On the horizon appears the Mubadala exhibition in Abu Dhabi to face 2022 as Nadal wants. Away from medical specialists.

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