The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 11

The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 11

We revised the league’s pecking order after 11 days of activity in the regular season

Does anyone remember a season with as much variation between the teams at the top of the rankings as the current one?

Us neither.

One more day, and another opportunity wasted by some of the candidates to consolidate themselves as favorites to take the first place in the sowing of both conferences. The team at the top in the past week is no more, and a club that had previously occupied it returned to the throne.

Where there is not much variation is at the bottom of our weekly list, where the only team that does not know the victory in the campaign remains the absolute owner of the dungeon.

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After 11 weeks of campaign action, this is what it looks like the hierarchical order of the 32 NFL teams, according to the Power Rankings:

Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.

Arizona remains – shaky middle – at the top of the Power Rankings, but the credit the Cardinals have for winning a division rival with a backup quarterback at the controls cannot be understated. The credit is even higher considering how poorly said backup quarterback Colt McCoy played in his previous outing. – RZ

The Ravens not only found a way to win without Lamar Jackson, but they did so by coming back in the last minute against a solid Chicago defense. Baltimore may not have the best record in the AFC at the moment, but it sent the message that it is the opponent to beat in the American Conference. – EC

Injuries, especially on defense, finally caught up with the Packers. They had 13 points against in their last appearances, but now the lack of pressure on the quarterback from the casualties of players like Za’Darius Smith, Rashan Gary and Whitney Mercilus gave Kirk Cousins ​​more peace of mind to attack the perimeter with one of the best receivers of today: Justin Jefferson. Still, they came close to coming out with the win in a divisional duel and it’s nothing to set off alarms. – LMV

Don’t look now, but Bill Belichick’s pupils have the longest winning streak in the entire NFL, with five straight wins. As if that were not enough, the duel between the Patriots and Titans of Week 12 comes with the appeal of the reunion between New England and Mike Vrabel. – RZ

The Buccaneers ended a two-game losing streak with a solid performance against the Giants at home, where they remain undefeated this season. The win was crucial to the Bucs’ aspirations to host the playoffs at home following the losses of the Packers and Cowboys. – EC

If you focus on the statistics of the game, the loss at home to Houston will seem incredible, but the key department is the turnover (five) because there is no other reason to understand how they lost in this divisional duel. Tennessee is usually a team that takes care of the ball and now Ryan Tannehill has failed a lot. Now they will have a real litmus test next weekend when they visit the fiery Patriots to gauge how real both teams are. – LMV

Yes, the Chiefs won again. The defense, led by Chris Jones, responded, but to be honest, shouldn’t we expect an absolute beating at home against a team that didn’t have their two starting defensive ends, their starting left tackle, their best wide receiver, which lost his second-best receiver at halftime, and he barely played his first meeting with his third-best receiver? Kansas City has advanced, but not enough to be considered favorites … yet. – RZ

The irregularity that the Cowboys have reached is worrying, they can score 43 points one week and not have a single touchdown the next. Unfortunately for Dallas, their offensive production may not improve anytime soon with a Thanksgiving game against the Raiders in which their starting receivers Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb will not play. – EC

The bye week fell perfect for the Los Angeles franchise to regroup after two losses and one of them very surprising against the 49ers, so the rest came at a great moment, mainly after the stumbling blocks of teams with which they compete for the best seed in the National Conference such as the Cowboys and Packers, although not the Cardinals or the Buccaneers, who returned to the path of victory. – LMV

The Bills were completely overwhelmed by the Jonathan Taylor and the Colts in a worse way, even, than by Derrick Henry and the Titans a few weeks ago. In addition to the fact that the path to defeat Buffalo already seems clear, they achieved just 21 points combined in the two losses they have accumulated in the last three days. – RZ

When the pair of Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase can’t get the Bengals’ fireworks going, there’s Joe Mixon to charge the offense. – EC

Indianapolis came as an almost certain victim to their duel against the Bills and they came out with a real blow of authority in the American Conference, coupled with the fact that the Titans lost. Jonathan Taylor is showing that the best running backs today are in the AL South and is taking advantage of the absence of Derrick Henry to monopolize all the spotlight with performances like the one he had with four visits to the end zone and 185 yards on the ground, in addition of another entry by reception. – LMV

On paper, from the roster names, it would appear that the Bolts should have a better record than 6-4 at the top of the AFC West. The good news is that they are in time to find offensive rhythm and consistently close out the second half of the season, which would put them squarely in the conversation for the top spot in the AFC seed. – RZ

The Steelers came very close to escaping with victory in their visit to the Chargers, but again the offense stalled in key moments and returned to scoring points on the field, a constant problem since Matt Canada took over as coordinator. – EC

Finally a close game leaned to his side and boy that was a key commitment because we are talking about a divisional duel. This victory was perhaps just what they needed to build a good streak that allows them to compete for the leadership in the North of the National that the Packers still boast, but there are games that have great possibilities to obtain (49ers, Lions, Steelers and Bears) before running into the Rams and then paying the visit to Green Bay. – LMV

Little by little, the Cleveland team is uncooked at the seams, starting with quarterback Baker Mayfield, even when they win. And Kevin Stefanski, 2020 Coach of the Year, is the latest evidence that it is triply difficult to stay than to get there. – RZ

The 49ers had an offensive series that consumed more than 13 minutes at Jacksonville, which helped set the pace for the game against an unresponsive opponent. It will be interesting to see if the Niners can repeat this type of performance against more demanding defenses. – EC

Philadelphia is turning on at a good time, the offense is showing that it is capable of putting many points on the scoreboard and it is a matter of adjusting certain issues on defense and now, of its six pending games, five are divisional with the great advantage that the another remaining is against the Jets. The problem will be against the Cowboys to close the season, but let’s not lose sight of the Eagles if they are able to sweep the annual series against the Giants and Washington. – LMV

It is noteworthy that the Saints prefer to field Trevor Siemian as the starting quarterback, than Taysom Hill, who was one of the contenders for the position before the start of the season. – RZ

Hopefully the bye week helped the Broncos find some consistency or we will continue to see that team go from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde from week to week. – EC

The South of the National has accommodated the capital team very well in the last two weeks to build a two-win streak and get excited about a third consecutive after what the Seahawks showed in recent weeks and with the return of Russell Wilson. The problem is that they have a very difficult calendar closure. – LMV

Miami strikes three consecutive victories and enters the very dangerous terrain of teams that win just enough at the end of a lost season to generate that deceptive optimism that prevents identifying the necessary changes for the next offseason. – RZ

The math says that the Raiders still have a chance to qualify for the playoffs, but it’s better to rule that out, with each passing week it is more evident that this team has lost its fighting spirit and that is the worst that can happen in the NFL. – EC

His defense, which used to be a strength, no longer stops anyone and his offense, even with Cam Newton, registered less than 300 total yards. Now it is clear that his victory against the Cardinals was only a mirage by taking advantage of the absence of players like Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins. They appreciate the fact that Atlanta is in their division so as not to appear at the bottom of it. – LMV

Not long ago, the Falcons sported a deceptive .500 team tag in win rate, but after being outscored by a combined 68-3 score in their last two outings, they look more like a team flying to a pick. from the Top-5 of the draft, again. – RZ

Surely the Texans ruined the pool for more than one and it is likely that they have shot themselves in the foot, because their surprise victory over the Titans drives them away in the fight for the first overall pick in the draft. – EC

It’s hard to see a Seattle team that, if it weren’t for the Lions, would be fighting the NL’s worst record with the Bears and Giants with such interesting names as Jamal Adams, Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf. There is a lot of work to be done in Seattle, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these kinds of registrations on a used-winning team start generating a lot of buzz and trade requests for the aforementioned names and others. – LMV

It’s fair to wonder if it’s absolutely necessary to continue seeing Daniel Jones as the Giants’ starting quarterback. No, I’m definitely not asking Mike Glennon, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what Brian Lewerke offers, to be honest. – RZ

The Bears’ season has gone from bad to worse, with losses and injuries mounting alike. It seems that the fans have already decided to turn their backs on head coach Matt Nagy after the shouts calling for his dismissal in the Bulls arena, now we just have to wait to see if the locker room continues to support their coach. – EC

Watching Jacksonville’s “offense” takes a lot of work. They appear among the worst in the NFL in the yardage department and also in the points scored department. This already seems to be something historical in the Florida franchise and it was evident that it was not going to solve everything with Trevor Lawrence and the lack of tools, but he is not doing his part to believe that it is the solution for the future. One of the things that can be applauded this weekend is that at least he was not intercepted. – LMV

Elijah Moore has been a revelation for the Jets this season, but with the rookie the good news for the New York side ends at the height of Week 11. – RZ

There is no less talented roster in the NFL than Detroit. Beyond running back D’Andre Swift, the Lions don’t have any standout players, and if that weren’t enough of a problem, the debate over whether Tim Boyle should stay as starting quarterback over Jared Goff is sure to add more drama to their disastrous season. . – EC

They participate in the elaboration of the NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafa Zamorano (RZ)

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