Tim Bradley explains why Terence Crawford must be the best Pound for Pound over Canelo

Tim Bradley explica por qué Terence Crawford debe ser el mejor Libra por Libra por encima de Canelo

Tim bradley, a former professional boxer, gave his reasons why he believes that Terence crawford must be the best boxer Pound for pound above Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, after the first’s solid victory over Shawn Porter.

“I understand that Canelo Alvarez won the undisputed super middleweight championship, but Crawford also won an undisputed championship at 140 pounds, equaling Canelo there ”, argued Bradley, which is part of the panelists who compile the Pound for Pound list of ESPN. “Alvarez He has won titles in four different weight classes; Crawford He has won titles in three different divisions and is also undefeated. Since 2014, Crawford he’s 16-0 in title fights, with 13 knockouts. “

Bradley consider that Terence crawford he is a feared fighter, and at the same time evaded by his rivals.

“(Crawford) is the most feared boxer, “he said. Bradley. “If I had had the same opportunities as Canelo, there would be no doubt. But the fact is, fighters don’t want to fight Crawford; while Canelo he is the source of money in boxing and everyone wants to get in the ring with him because they can earn a lot of money ”.

Bradley would bet on Crawford over Canelo if they fought at the same weight

AND Bradley think yes Crawford and Canelo fight at the same weight, and have to face each other, he would bet on the American.

“When I look at the two, you choose a weight category, they both weigh the same, who would you put your money on, would you put your money on Crawford or Canelo? ”, He wonders Bradley. Who has more ability? Libra for Libra, if the two of them fought each other, with their skills, I would go for Crawford all day”.

He further made it clear that Crawford he is a feared boxer and nobody wants to face him, unlike Canelo that everyone wants to get into the ring with him.

Tim Bradley said that Terence Crawford is better than Canelo.

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