Manny Pacquiao president of the Philippines in 2022? Who are your rivals and what are your chances of winning?

Manny Pacquiao president of the Philippines in 2022?  Who are your rivals and what are your chances of winning?

In September 2021, Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao announced his retirement as a professional boxer to devote himself full-time to politics. Do youManny Pacquiao President of the Philippines? Well, he wants it and it is his goal for 2022.

The fight to be president of the Philippines will not be easy for Pac-manHe was an excellent boxer, but politics in his country is complicated. That is why we analyze your chances of winning, your rivals and your campaign promises.

Manny Pacquiao’s political career

The boxer dabbled in Philippine politics in 2007, when he ran for Congress in South Cotabato. He was highly criticized because at election time he decided to fight, in the end he lost. He did not walk away, and three years later he was a congressman. In 2016 he became a Senator and in 2020 he was appointed Chairman of the Philippine Democratic Party-People’s Power (PDP), the most important party in the Philippines.

Photo: Manny Pacquiao (Twitter)

The PDP it is also the party of the current president Rodrigo duterte, who was originally an ally of Pacquiao and they maintained a close relationship.

In 2020, Manny he began to distance himself from the current president and even criticized him. He denounced cases of corruption in the government and disdained the strategy of Duterte in the conflict between Philippines and China through the waters of the South China Sea.

This has caused a division within the party, but despite the conflict, Manny pacquiao he accepted the candidacy as president by his party for the next elections.

Manny Pacquiao president of the Philippines in 2022?

Pacquiao He has not yet presented his political program, but his tendency and some of his objectives are known if he becomes president of the Philippines. Manny He is a Christian, which is why he has spoken out against equal marriage, because it is a sin against God and in favor of instituting the death sentence.

In an interview for Toni Gonzaga Studio, the candidate said he wrote a priority agenda with 22 rounds for the country. Some of the points are:

  • Fight corruption
  • Economic growth and development
  • job
  • Free housing
  • Improvement of health services
  • Sustainable livelihoods

He said that each of the points has an extensive explanation, but that he has a commitment to people and to God.

Who are your rivals and chances of winning the election?

The current president, Rodrigo duterte His term ends in 2022 and he cannot be re-elected because the Constitution prohibits it, but he seeks to continue in the mandate. Duterte he was nominated as a vice-presidential candidate, but rejected the option.

In the Philippines, the position of vice president is also chosen by elections separate from those of the president.

Duterte decided to retire from politics to make way for his daughter, Sara duterte, who is currently the mayor of Davao.

There are 97 candidates for the office of president, in the last 20 years, the Philippine elections have been dominated by two groups: politicians and celebrities.

A poll conducted by the local newspaper Rappler, He stated that the former boxer is within the competition, although he is not the favorite. For now, there are four most popular to win the election as president and this is the order of leadership in the polls:

  1. Sara duterte
  2. Francisco Domagoso
  3. Panfilo Lacson
  4. Manny pacquiao

Pac-Man has at least three months to work on his popularity and be able to compete directly against Sara, the strongest candidate for the May 2022 elections.


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