Marco Antonio Barrera points out to Erik Morales to take away the aggressiveness of Jaime Munguía

Marco Antonio Barrera señala a Erik Morales de quitarle la agresividad a Jaime Munguía

Marco Antonio Barrera pointed to Erik “Terrible” Morales of having taken the aggressiveness away from Jaime Munguía, who is trained by Morales, after what he showed in his fight against Gabriel Rosado last November 13, where Munguía won by unanimous decision.

“In my personal point of view, I thought that Munguía I was going to give more ”, he said Barrier in discussion with Erik morales on your podcast One More Round. “So much so, that I thought I was going to win by knockout, because Pinkish They have him retiring for three years due to the tough battles he has had. Munguía He started very well, moving his waist, waving it to each side, using his medium and long distance. But I would give him back that aggressive side he had before, where he ate them from the moment he stepped into the ring. Yes I liked it, it was a unanimous decision and all, but he had to sign it. I expected a knockout from Munguía“.

Marco Barrera detected that Jaime Munguía He’s not as aggressive as he was before, when he was a super welterweight world champion.

“I would return Munguía that extra that he had before, that when he smelled that he already had it to the rival, he went on them “, he added Barrier. “Now I feel it that it puts more ice to the situation, calmer, more thinking. But I think that he should return that knockout momentum, this thing that wanted to eat them. Sure, without risking as he did, in his medium and long distance, waving the waist. And in condition I saw it very well ”.

Erik Morales explains the changes he made in Jaime Munguía

Erik morales explained in detail what were the changes he made as a coach in boxing of Jaime Munguía, where the aggressiveness that he asks of him changed Marco Barrera.

James has acquired the ability to think. Before he did it, but today he does it better ”, he argues. Morales. “He has acquired the ability to shoot combinations. I think they are very good combinations with an upper tone, where people get excited, where people like it. However, that aggressiveness that you say is that he threw blows to despair, where he threw the blow to see if he hits or does not hit, and he missed many power blows. We have taken that part away from him and we have given him a little bit of technique ”.

The Terrible ensures that he does not feel that he has lost punching power, but now thinks more about his attacks. But also, Morales highlighted the good job he did Gabriel Rosado.

“We have five fights, four have been won by knockout,” he said. Morales. “And a decision against a fighter who put up with everything, and who was in great condition. That he came from knocking out an undefeated and that he had in the corner Freddie roach, that he is a great coach and that he surely did a great preparation for him. Pinkish He is 35 years old, but all his defeats have been against a pure lion. And it was to see where I was standing James with those types of fighters who give the extra, and who are willing to do anything. That they have everything to gain, nothing to lose, and they took it all in. “

Morales He adds that he saw progress in Jaime Munguía in the aspect of being more thoughtful in his combinations and his attacks. Erik see differences from what it was like Munguía before.

“The aggressiveness that I had before (James) was that he had the rivals there, and he took the blows from far behind, the blows wide open, the blows without thinking, “he says. Erik. “He went like bulls to the bulge, and that was the part that had to be taken away from James, you might think. It hit the liver up, down, on this side, on the other. Generally speaking, I would think it made a lot of progress. I understand that he is young and I understand that we are growing, and I understand that he has a long way to go, he already knows. But we are working. Also, there are rivals who not all lend themselves to be able to show their work. So, I respect it and I know what you tell me, and I understand it, I get it perfectly ”.

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