“We both cry”: Alfredo Caballero recounts the moment when Alacrán Berchelt informed him that he would change coach

Lloramos los dos: Alfredo Caballero narra el momento en que Alacrán Berchelt le informó que cambiaría entrenador

Visibly excited, the coach Alfredo Caballero He told in detail how his professional relationship with the former world champion ended Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt, who this Wednesday confirmed on social networks that gentleman he will no longer be your coach.

“He decided to go his way,” he said gentleman in exclusive interview with LEFT PUNCH. “And I am a coach, I have to follow mine. We had great moments, and I hope he does very well. Nothing happened”.

gentleman He accepts that the breakup has been painful, and at times his voice is cut off when talking about it. However, he is encouraged to move forward with his coaching career, despite the departure of one of his two most important fighters on the world stage.

“I feel sad, I’m not going to say no,” he acknowledges. gentleman. “It hurts. It was like seven years, a lot of stories. It also hurts me that this happens because of a defeat. But the cycle is closed, what can I say? I have many young people who trust me, just as he once did. I have the Gallo Estrada, I have to focus on him, he is the best fighter I have. I can’t stop for that kind of thing. “

Alfredo Caballero, Sonoran coach shares that the farewell with Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt It was on the best of terms, that they are still friends, and that the door is not closed.

“We look very good, as friends, as great people,” he says. gentleman. “In fact, even he puts it; It is not a goodbye, but a see you soon. In fact, when he left he asked me if he was wrong, could he come back. And I told him that of course he could return, because that’s how men talk to each other, head-on. It’s the best we could have both done, talk about it ”.

A farewell in which they both cried

gentleman He acknowledges that it was a painful moment for both of them, and that the two even cried when they said goodbye.

“We even cried both, because there were many very good moments,” he recalls. Alfred while his voice is cut off. “The cycle is closed.”

The coach shares that the moment was also hard for Berchelt.

“It was also painful for him,” he reveals. gentleman. “He couldn’t find a way to tell me. I felt strange, so it was the best thing we could have done, because it hurt him to tell me, I know. I felt it. That moment had to come, we talked about it and we were very well, without reproaches or anger. We hugged each other, we both cried, and that’s it. “

It ended a story that began in 2014, when the Scorpion Berchelt came to the gym of Alfredo Caballero in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, looking for a new coach. At that time, the Scorpion was an important prospect who had been brutally knocked out by Luis Eduardo Florez.

“There were several glories,” he says gentleman. “He was sent to me when he was knocked out and we corrected a lot of mistakes. We did good chemistry. I got to know him, to know how to work him to get to the championship and make all those defenses ”.

From the hand of gentleman, Miguel Berchelt crowned super featherweight world champion CMB in January 2017 knocking out Francisco “Bandido” Vargas. It was a title of which he made six defenses before losing it against Oscar Valdez.

Was the defeat against Óscar Valdez the reason for the break with Alacrán Berchelt?

Alfred feels like they were able to continue working together after the knockout loss he suffered Berchelt against Oscar Valdez last February.

“I feel that we could have continued more, because I know him,” he says. gentleman. “But if that’s how the decision was made. The one who finished me was him, and I let him go. He didn’t want to tell me because of the affection and all that, but you can’t keep a person ”.

When asked Alfredo Caballero if the traumatic defeat of Berchelt against Oscar Valdez was the reason for the break, the coach pauses for a long time. The ideas crowd him, he seems to have so much to say, and he hesitates a bit. However, choose prudence.

“I would not like to answer that, so as not to misinterpret, because we said goodbye well, we said goodbye well,” he says. gentleman. “This is how I want it to remain, not as a goodbye, but as a see you later. On other occasions I have had defeats, as with the Rooster, and I have made him a world champion again. With Yamileth Market It also happened like that, she lost and then I made her world champion. But nothing happens. They are cycles, but I don’t want to talk about that any more, because we both ended up very beautifully. We finished well. We said goodbye well. It was hard for both him and me ”.

Alacrán Berchelt and Óscar Valdez

Caballero assures that he already saw the break with Berchelt coming

Weeks after the defeat with Valdez, the same Miguel Berchelt He was posting on social media that he was training in Miami, and all that made him think Alfredo Caballero that the end of their professional relationship was near.

“He was training with a Cuban in Miami, he went training with George Capetillo“, bill gentleman. “He even went to train with an Argentine. I already saw this coming, but I was also assimilating it. In fact, he helped me to assimilate it, because when I saw him in other gyms, I said that the change is coming. It’s good that he already published it, because every time one of those songs was played, it still hurts. But how good that all this is over ”.

gentleman wishes success to Berchelt whatever gym you go to, and it only advises you to be cautious.

“I don’t know where he is going, but I told him to be very careful with the people around him, because he still has a great process,” he says. gentleman. “He’s still in the big leagues, and right now anyone wants to hang on to that moment. Only that it goes well. Hopefully the coach I go with has good chemistry, a good dumbbell, that they work very well. It is all I can say.

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