Andrés D’Alessandro: the possibility of Gallardo and the present of Nacional

Andrés D'Alessandro: the possibility of Gallardo and the present of Nacional

Andrés D’Alessandro gave his opinion on Wednesday about the possibility that Marcelo gallardo assume in the Uruguayan Selection, valued the process of Master Óscar Washington Tabárez in La Celeste and analyzed the present of National facing the closing of the Uruguayan Championship 2021.

In a new talk organized by CONMEBOL at the Fan Embassy that was set up at the Punta Carretas Lighthouse in Montevideo, the Argentine footballer highlighted the future of Gallardo, who was his coach at River in 2016: “It’s going to be very difficult for him to get out of the river. It has a very great feeling, and River makes you feel comfortable, it has a European-level structure, it fights all the championships because it has an obligation and it also makes you feel at home. When you are well in a place it is difficult for you to leave ”.

Later, D’Alessandro was asked about the possibility that the Doll could accept the proposal to lead the Uruguayan soccer team: “I once heard Cholo Simeone, when they asked him about the Argentine National Team, who said that It is very difficult not to train every day, not to be with that adrenaline of going to the club, and he assured that he did not see himself training one week a month. And I imagine Marcelo on that line “.

In any case, the current Nacional footballer also affirmed: “That should not be easy, but obviously Uruguay is also a challenge, Marcelo has moved and moves in his career through challenges. It is a very personal decision ”.

And he affirmed that the players who at the time were led by Marcelo Bielsa and who are coaches today live their profession with great intensity: “Bielsa had that intensity on a day-to-day basis, that madness of always wanting to be the best and never settle. Marcelo had that and you see that Cholo or Heinze are also like that, with that posture, with that line of work. Bielsa left me a lot, he took out what I did not have, he marked me a lot not only inside but outside, he is a guy with great respect for the player and the profession, he lives it much more intense than he should be, but he it is like that ”.


D’Alessandro also praised what Maestro Tabárez did and stated: “Seeing him from the outside, as a fan, he has given a lot to Uruguay, he has undergone a process where the Uruguayan National Team has grown, won a Copa América and played a barbarous role. at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa ”.

“Successism must be put aside, the Uruguayan people greatly appreciated what this group of players did, it was a very good process. Today there is talk in all parts of Uruguay and that is because it was a positive soccer process, then obviously soccer is not exempt from criticism and negative results, soccer is like that, but it seems to me that the Master has given it a lot, “said the Argentine.

“Today we talk about Uruguay and not only because of what that World Cup was. There was a process where the Uruguayan National Team grew. It is not easy to be a selector of players having them once a month, training little and with the demand of the result, it is difficult to stay ”, he stressed.

The Argentine, who once again expressed his desire to retire at Inter in Porto Alegre, where he hopes to play in the first half of 2022, highlighted from Nacional: a big club, with history, that opened its doors to me when I was 40 years old ”.

“Not everyone opens the doors for you and Nacional opened them to me, it gave me the opportunity to play in a big club, to play another Copa Libertadores, and feel like a soccer player, and I will always thank them for that, people have treated me very well, I only have words of thanks to them ”, commented the player who arrived at the Bag in February and who ends his contract in December.

The tricolor cast is below Peñarol both in the Annual Table and in the Clausura Tournament in the absence of two dates, so he not only depends on himself to become Uruguayan champion again.

“This is football and you have to win, there is always pressure in a big team, we hope to get to the end of the year with joy for the people,” said D’Alessandro.

And he pointed out: “We are fine. We are aware that during the championship we have deservedly lost points because there were games where we did not play well, and when you do not play well you are closer to losing than to winning ”.

“Emotionally we are well enough to be able to do our best, try to win and then see what happens, we do not depend only on ourselves, but as we always say, we have to do our part,” concluded the Argentine hitch.

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