D’Alessandro: “You say that Maradona died and it seems to me that everyone is waiting for him to appear, we do not believe it yet”

D'Alessandro: "You say that Maradona died and it seems to me that everyone is waiting for him to appear, we do not believe it yet"

Andrés D’Alessandro commented this week on his feelings a year after the death of Diego Armando Maradona. In an open talk organized by CONMEBOL in Montevideo, The Nacional footballer also highlighted the main virtue of Lionel Messi in his career and spoke about the great present of the Argentine National Team.

When reminded that this Thursday is already the first anniversary of Maradona’s death, D’Alessandro said: “We do not believe it yet, it makes me sad like everyone else, you say that he died and it seems to me that everyone is waiting for him to appear, it is a strange sensation”.

Then he stressed that he was lucky to meet and chat personally with Diego, and appreciated that he was “a normal guy, with simplicity and humility.”

The 40-year-old footballer said that the first time he met him was in the Racing dressing room: “Diego was the coach, with Ricardo Pellerano and Carlos Fren; I played with Pellerano’s son and told him that he wanted to meet Diego until one day I tired him. Then I chatted several times with Diego, and I even went to his program ‘La noche del Diez’ with Juampi (Sorín) and Román (Riquelme), I have a photo with him that is saved ”.


El Cabezón was also consulted about the present of the Albiceleste team, which in July won the Copa América by defeating Brazil 1-0 at the Maracana: “At that moment I had memories of our Copa América in 2004, they are things of destiny how we were denied at the time, and then We were denied a lot of tournaments, that’s why this one was celebrated so much ”.

“And the greatest who are today deserve it, because they have suffered a lot without deserving it because there we find that only winning is useful, that the second is useless, and I prefer to come second to not qualify,” he remarked.

Less than a year before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, D’Alessandro responded when asked if Argentina is one of the favorite teams to win the next World Cup: “It doesn’t matter how we are but how we get there. A year before the 2002 World Cup, Argentina was flying, and we had one of the best teams in recent years, having won the Qualifiers on foot ”.

“That is why I say that this year it will be very important to keep the job that is not easy because the national team coach does not have the players every day, who must maintain the level in their clubs, there must not be injuries, there are also vacation in the middle; they will know how to organize themselves but for me it is very important how we get there ”, he highlighted.

D’Alessandro also considered that the fact that the World Cup is played in the month of November and not in June can change the performance of the players, who could arrive not so tired at the World Cup event and two or three months after having made a preseason.

Returning to talk about Argentina, the 40-year-old footballer commented that now we can see the Albiceleste players enjoy more after winning the Copa América and assured that in his country what had been done in recent years was not appreciated: “I respect to the one who says that it only serves to win, but I am a little broader, “he said.

Finally, D’Alessandro said that Lionel Messi is the best player in the world and stated: “The most difficult thing is to stay, that is a key word. You can get there, but staying is very difficult, falling is easy and Messi remained at a very high level for a long time ”.

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