Does Teofimo López fight with asthma? Since when and how does he train with the disease

Does Teofimo López fight with asthma?  Since when and how does he train with the disease

Any type of respiratory disease is a threat to athletes and more so in times of a coronavirus pandemic. This is the story of how Teófimo López fights with asthma, since when did you have the disease and the care you have.

Theophimus He is considered one of the best pound-for-pound boxers of the moment and an undisputed lightweight champion. There is something that few know, his successful career has been built while suffering from asthma, a respiratory disease that he has managed to treat.

Does Teofimo López fight with asthma?

When the pandemic started, Teofimo Lopez He decided to pack his bags and flee New York, he wanted to prevent himself or his wife from catching the coronavirus. Not only for a prevention issue, for him it is a matter of life and death.

Photo: Teófimo López (Twitter)

The same boxer revealed in an interview with ESPN that he has suffered from asthma since he was five years old, it is something he has lived with and in the face of the pandemic he decided to flee from such a big city.

“I have had asthma since I was five years old, so I have had asthma practically all my life. But thank God I am here and I celebrate every day. Having asthma is difficult, especially when you are in winter and summer “explained Theophimus to ESPN.

He has been undergoing treatment and even exercises for a long time to strengthen his lungs. He says there are respirators or machines that help calm his chest. As a professional boxer, one of his techniques is running.

“There are machines and things like that that help calm my chest, but also running a lot, eating well, lots of vegetables, fruit, drinking lots of water, with things like that, I have been able to get ahead.”

He was about to die from asthma

His life with asthma has not been easy, on three occasions he nearly died, one of which happened when he was 11 years old and had just boxed. He fought in the winter season and that made him sick.

“The last time was when I was 11 years old, I was in the amateurs, I fought in December with a brunette, and I don’t know what happened, but I got sick, and after the fight I was in the hospital. After a week the doctors told me that, if I had not gone to the hospital, I would have died at that time “, ended.

Boxing has been the best way to fight asthma, it strengthens the lungs and avoids being exposed to cold places.


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