“Gervonta will be surprised when his punch doesn’t do anything to Pitbull Cruz,” says Isaac’s coach.

Gervonta se sorprenderá cuando su pegada no le haga nada a Pitbull Cruz, asegura entrenador de Isaac

Gervonta davis has not faced a rival with the characteristics of Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz, that he holds the hit, without fear and with hunger to be world champion, assured the father and coach of the Mexican, Isaac Cruz.

“You are going to be pleasantly surprised Gervonta when he realizes that his punch does nothing to him Isaac Cruz with his hitting, ”said the Mexican coach and father of the Pitbull in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “There the change and the attitude of both fighters will be noticeable, and believe me that when I connect it Isaac, Gervonta you can go to the ground ”.

Less than two weeks before the fight that will take place on December 5 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Isaac Cruz He said he has the strategy to beat the Tank, which he did not reveal, but made it clear that the Pitbull he will go up without fear to the ring.

“It is one of the secrets of preparation and strategy how to beat Gervonta “added Isaac Cruz. “But it is not impossible to beat him. I think other fighters have risen with fear of facing him, we respect their hierarchy, but above the ring it will only be the two of them, the Tank and the PitbullIt will be a nice fight ”.

Due to the characteristics of both boxers, who add 39 knockouts in 49 fights, a complicated and explosive fight is expected.

“It’s going to be an explosive fight, that’s what I would call it, explosive,” he added. Isaac Cruz. “Especially because of the power that both fighters have in their knuckles.”

Isaac Cruz’s jaw will be key against Gervonta’s punch

And although the Pitbull He has faced fighters who have demanded it, which they hope will be repeated with the American, he said that Davis has not been in a ring with a rival of the characteristics of Isaac.

Isaac he has faced boxers who have hit him hard, he has put his resistance to the test ”, he commented. “But I have not seen in any fight that the Tank, who has faced an opponent with the characteristics of Isaac, that it hits and that it holds ”.

On many occasions the Mexican has come as a victim to their fights, something they are used to, but Isaac Cruz He acknowledged that they have given the surprise and does not doubt that they will achieve it again.

“Unfortunately we are used to always being Side B,” said the father of the Pitbull. “We have given the surprise in all the fights of Isaac, they wanted to catch us out of training, with everything against it, but the discipline of the Pitbull She is very good, she is very disciplined, believe me you will see a Pitbull hungry to be world champion ”.

Finally, he assured that a triumph for his son would be a feat due to the quality of the rival, and that he has the conditions to achieve it, because he will face him without fear and willing to do anything.

“Yes it would be a feat,” he concluded. “Because Davis is ranked among the best Pound for poundBut he hasn’t really fought a Mexican. He will have a 100 percent Mexican in front of him who will fight you for you and without fear ”.

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