Steelers recover Minkah Fitzpatrick from reserve / COVID-19 list

Steelers recover Minkah Fitzpatrick from reserve / COVID-19 list

In the absence of Fitzpatrick, rookie safety Tre Norwood ended up making every play against the Chargers on Sunday.

PITTSBURGH – At least one significant piece returns for the defense of the Pittsburgh steelers prior to the duel of the AFC North next Sunday, in front of the Cincinnati Bengals.

The team activated the safety Minkah Fitzpatrick from the reservation list / COVID-19 Thursday morning.

“It seems to me that he is 100 percent out there,” estimated the defensive coordinator. Keith butler. “He’ll practice today and we’ll see how he feels, things like that.”

Fitzpatrick tested positive for the virus on November 15, and was activated to the active workforce after a mandatory 10-day stay on protocols COVID-19.

Without Fitzpatrick –and two other key elements in the external linebacker Tj watt and the cornerback Joe haden– the defense of the Steelers suffered to limit the powerful offensive of Los Angeles Chargers. In absence of Fitzpatrick, the rookie safety Tre Norwood ended up participating in all plays.

Fitzpatrick He is not the only defensive player hoping to regain the Steelers on the grid in front of the Bengals. Watt, who injured his hip and knee during a catch in the fourth period against the Detroit Lions, returned to practice on Wednesday on a limited basis. Watt the first commitment against the Bengals after sustaining a groin injury a week earlier, and also outside linebacker Alex highsmith he also missed that game due to a groin injury of his own.

Haden, who sprained his foot in the same match, did not train on Wednesday, but the head coach Mike tomlin He said Tuesday that he anticipated his return to training at some point in the week, too.

“I’m really happy about it,” he admitted. Butler regarding recovering Fitzpatrick. “And the ability to get the others back, too, always helps. The last time we played, we were missing a couple of people.

“Having those guys back and able to play means a lot to us. It means a lot to everyone on the field. They are used to playing together. It will be better for us, for sure.”

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