Barcelona hopes that Dembélé 'accelerates' in his renewal, since Xavi considers it "important for the future"

BARCELONA – Ousmane Dembélé is a matter of concern around Barcelona. The club is still waiting for a response from the player to the renewal proposal that ESPN Digital learned has been on the table for more than a month and that provokes impatience for its silence, arising speculation about outside offers, such as one published, not confirmed from the Camp Nou, that he would have from Newcastle and that would be one of the reasons for this delay in closing the issue of his continuity.

And Xavi Hernández also row in favor of that continuity that, in fact, he made clear this Friday. “Hopefully he can renew because he is a footballer capable of making a difference in the coming years.”

The Barça coach, from the day of his presentation, has repeated without dissimulation that the French striker is key in his project and despite having been the victim of countless injuries that have curtailed his career since he arrived at Barça in the summer of In 2017, from the club itself, blind trust is maintained in him, which is why they have worked hard on a contract that, taking into account the difficult economic moment that is going through, can be contemplated by himself.

“In the end it will depend on him and his environment”, admitted in this sense Xavi, who revealed that “I do not know his surroundings, but from what I have spoken with him he is happy and happy at Barça”.

“I spoke with him, we had a talk in which I made it clear to him how important it is for me at Barça not only this season, but for the future,” repeated the coach, who ended up transferring responsibility for the decision to him.

The intention of Barcelona was to specify the continuity of Dembélé before the end of this year and in this sense he transferred that interest first and then the renewal proposal. “It depends on him,” Xavi summed up, convinced that the Barça sports project must be final in the player’s decision, with whom, he said, he will have this Saturday at Villarreal.

“I see him very committed and he showed it the other day, that he wanted to play without being one hundred percent. Now he is fine, but we have to be careful, we have to take care of him, knowing where he comes from, and tomorrow we will decide how many minutes he is for. “Said Xavi.