Diego Lugano and the cessation of Tabárez in Uruguay: "This was the only way that it could not end"

Diego Lugano spoke with ESPN.com on Friday about the dismissal of Óscar Washington Tabárez as head of the Uruguayan National Team. The captain of the Celeste between 2006 and 2014 valued the Master’s process, stressed that he fully trusts the footballers and was consulted about Marcelo Gallardo and Diego Aguirre.

The ex-footballer said regarding the departure of Tabárez: “It is a subject that I have not even wanted to talk about, because it is not simply that bad results got the coach, that that is the most normal thing in football, but that it is the Teacher, and what he means for our generation and for Uruguayan football is too important ”.

“The way it ended was the only way that it could not end because of the importance that the Master has in our country. The Master is such a great patrimony that his figure ceased to be his to be ours ”, affirmed the World Cup in South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014.

Then he stated: “Whoever knows a little about football knows that in time this was inevitable, predictable and obvious that the weather was going to produce this wear; When the process began with a lot of effort, a lot of dedication, also with a lot of intelligence it was achieved like never before to unite the country behind the cause of the National Team, and time was in charge of wearing down and in recent times there was a lot of criticism, criticism that affects the whole process and all the previous years ”.

The former defenseman remarked that this situation could have been avoided: “This wear and tear that was generated was avoidable. The Master deserved that we all had protected him a little better, much more knowing his personality, being absolutely committed to the process. His life was the process.

“This made me sad because I mainly believe that it is unfair to Uruguayan football and obviously to the Maestro, that someone who meant so much to us should leave in this way… I think we did ourselves wrong. Now we have to look ahead, face these four games and trust the players ”, he stressed.

Lugano, who said that he had no participation in the decision made by the authorities of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), reiterated that what has been achieved in the last fifteen years was not protected: “I am part of this process and the feeling that I was left with helplessness, bitterness, and a bit of anger because it was avoidable ”.

Asked about the possibility of Argentine Marcelo Gallardo taking over, Lugano did not want to provide an opinion on the matter knowing the specific and important weight that his response may have. Likewise, the former soccer player stressed that “River’s current coach is the best on the continent.”

Lugano maintained his position when asked about Diego Aguirre, reflecting: “Uruguay has trained coaches to lead the National Team. I do not want to comment or install anything, I do have blind confidence in the loyalty of my colleagues, because they continue to be, which fills me with pride and I hope that people will see things that sometimes the results cover up, there are four dates to go and the classification still depends on us ”.

The former footballer pointed out the criticism of some players: “It gives me a feeling of incredible helplessness because figures like Pharaoh Godín, like Luisito Suárez or Nando Muslera in a country like ours we would have to revere and respect him until the last minute. ”.

“All three have left their lives in the National Team, and today they are in the moment of greatest dedication to the Celeste because when things do not work out, when physical deficiencies begin to appear, they are there, and they put their face and chest, and they will continue to be, “he added.

And he remarked: “You can’t see it in Uruguay, but if they don’t have to play in their clubs to take care of their nannies, they will do it as they are doing to play for the National Team even if they are bitten because of wear and tear, not by them. And they continue to be always with respect, with height, with altruism, because they are boys to whom football owes a lot, and they are going to take us to the World Cup ”.

“I always accompany, I appear sometimes, but when it is necessary to be, I am”, concluded Lugano.