Diego Lugano: "Flamengo and Palmeiras are two teams that are at the forefront"

Diego lugano spoke this week with ESPN.com and the end of the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup 2021, which will be played this Saturday from 5:00 p.m. at the Centenario Stadium in Montevideo between Flamengo and Palmeiras, teams with very different styles.

In a talk with Diego Muñoz, the former Uruguayan footballer stressed that in Brazil there is great expectation for this match, perhaps even a little more than what was experienced in the rest of the continent ahead of the 2018 final, which faced Boca and River de Argentina.

We are talking about the fact that between Flamengo and Palmeiras there are 60 million fans, two powers in recent years, two institutions that have been reorganized inwardly and are now a power in the continent, and the trend is to move further away from the rest every day, mainly of the continent, of Uruguay not to mention, but also of Argentina and Colombia”, Underlined the captain of the Uruguayan National Team between 2006 and 2014.

The Uruguayan stressed that the only virtue of several Brazilian soccer teams has not only been to have great economic power, but also to have hired in a good way and to carry out a good management. In addition, he stressed that the rivalry between Palmeiras and Flamengo has grown in recent times precisely because of the great sporting moment they have had for several seasons.

Lugano commented: “They are two great teams that are at the forefront, and that reach a final in Montevideo with great expectation and with the curiosity that it generates because they have very different styles.”.

“Flamengo has much of the irreverence of Rio de Janeiro football, which is always offensive football, of not keeping attacking players, with a slightly more disorderly defensive recomposition because they bet a lot on the ball and the imbalance, and they have players for that”, detailed about the Mengao.

And he added: “I think they continue to be the best quartet in attack on the continent with Bruno Henrique, Gabigol, Éverton Riberiro and Giorgian De Arrascaeta or Michael. They are joined by coach Renato Gaúcho who also has that style of football, and that way of being too, more irreverent. Flamengo is not only an economic powerhouse, but also works well because, for example, it matches the ability of its players with that of its coach ”.

Regarding Palmeiras, Lugano said: “It is a bit more tactical because it is trained by a Portuguese. Abel Ferreira is a technician, studious and fanatic of tactics, with a much more responsive football, with a quick transition to attack ”. “Surely and as in the entire Cup, Palmeiras will play waiting for Flamengo and betting on Rony’s explosion and Edú’s driving at speed, which is really very good. Palmeiras always starting from the back to the front ”, he stressed.

The former player from San Pablo highlighted that the difference in styles is so noticeable that it is even easily observed in the pair of defenders of each team: “In Flamengo you have Rodrigo Caio and David Luiz who like to play with the ball more than to score, defenders who have a huge role in the game, they lead, they advance, they play in the midfield, obviously that makes you leave some space behind ”.

“And suddenly you see behind Palmeiras with Gustavo Gómez and Luan, and even with Felipe Melo, who form a triangle that practically does not disarm, who plays as a block the entire game. They are quite opposite characteristics, but two teams that do what they set out to do very well, ”said Lugano.

Finally, the Uruguayan also referred to the renovations that the Centenario stadium had to host two continental finals (on Saturday, November 20, for the South American, Ahtletico Paranaense was crowned champion in Montevideo by beating Bragantino 1-0).

The current commentator on ESPN Brazil stated: “In addition to the emotion that the Centennial always produces because it is a historical monument, and because of the emotions that I experienced in there, seeing it renovated and seeing it with the field as it should be I really liked”.

“They are the good things that these finals leave in Montevideo, and it is a mixture of emotions, and also satisfaction because ultimately we are all a bit part of the fact that these finals are here in Montevideo,” he commented.

And he sentenced: “Today the Centennial is a field at the height of Uruguayan football, that we did not have it before does not mean that we did not deserve it, that is the first. And then yes, it is at the level of two great teams and, according to what they score in Brazil, the most important ‘Brazilian’ final in history ”.