Djokovic and his opinion about the changes in the Davis Cup

The news that shook the tennis world in recent days was about the possible move of the Davis Cup to Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. In that context, the one who gave his opinion on the matter was Novak Djokovic.

“I know that in the Middle East there is a great interest in tennis and big competitions. When the format was changed there were negative reactions for everything that it implies in a traditional tournament like this, but it was clear that something had to change the above. In my opinion, the ideal would be to reach an intermediate point, I was a defender of a change, but I did not like what happened two years ago “ He voiced the world number one following his victory over Dennis Novak in the 2021 Davis Cup Finals.

In turn, the Serbian also suggested: “I believe that there should be several venues to give the opportunity to more countries to host this competition, the Davis Cup should contribute to the development of tennis in many nations. I would choose to have six different venues. “

Finally, Djokovic reflected and wondered if money is being chased or history is being preserved. “There are people who believe that we must evolve and look to the future, others consider that we must stick to what the Davis Cup has always been, and I am somewhere in between. You have to respect tradition and history, stick to the things that make this event recognizable, as well as move forward and find new competition formulas. ”