Gallardo, after being champion: “Today’s game sums up everything we were”

Gallardo after being champion: "Today's game sums up everything we were"

After winning the first league title, three dates before the close of the tournament by beating Racing 4-0, Marcelo Gallardo spoke on ESPN’s EquipoF.

The best phrases of Marcelo Gallardo after winning the championship:

“I am very proud to be living this after many years of being in this place, having lived everything we live and since nothing is easy in this life your soul fills with emotions.”

“Being able to share it with the players who offer themselves and continue to offer themselves to all this demand, they are competitive animals and they make me feel very good.”

“My idea when I arrived at the club was to be prepared to live moments, I did not think they would be so good, although one is looking for the best, but I had to be prepared in case things did not go well, because sometimes the football turns its back on you ”.

“Now they are all emotions and I am proud of where I am and when I look back, something that until now I had not been able to do because of the maelstrom of thinking about the next game, sometimes we lose sight of what is happening and what happened was a lot “” Seven years of a lot of wear and tear and focus on a club like this that does not give you respite, today you won and tomorrow you have to win again. “

“The things that happened all these years I did not imagine”

“First I clarify that I am ending my contract and it is the first time that I am in a position that my bond is ending, I think I deserve the possibility of rethinking myself, because it takes a lot of energy to continue with a strong bond that I have with this institution. ”.

“I am going to consider it seriously, I did not do it until now because my energy was in what we were playing, from now on I am going to consider it because river deserves that one be in charge of this management with a lot of energy and it has been a lot the wear and tear of this management, beyond the joys ”.

“This is a team that was formed in adverse situations and in that of having to deal with many problems when managing the entire squad that we did not have throughout the year, we had to deal with back and forth”

“At the time we lost with Mineiro we had to rethink what we were for, we had to rearm ourselves and there the players appeared, the young people who gave us freshness and quickly and naturally assimilated an idea and the older ones who weren’t playing because there were others. that they were better than them but that when they had to show their faces they did it ”.

“Today’s game sums up everything we were, it doesn’t have much analysis to have played as we did and to have worked like that after everything we went through is only to believe in who we are.”

“This is not by magic, there is a lot of effort on everyone’s part to give River the best.”

“I am very grateful for all of them, because they ban me because they know that afterwards the fan feels represented.”

“We always try to be protagonists of the tournament, as far as we could because sometimes gasoline doesn’t give you because in our continent it is difficult to hold two or three championships and one has to choose” “When one chooses with conviction, as we choose for the Libertadores Cup or because of the international tournaments, which is a pending account of the club, we did very well, we have been very competitive at the international level and we put River in a place of great respect ”.

“We scored points in difficult moments, with the team decimated and that helped us when we were good again to enter that streak of results with good performance that makes me very proud.”

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