No sé si a Román ya le confirmaron, pero a mí no: Al Gallo Estrada no le han confirmado pelea con Chocolatito el 22 de enero

Despite growing rumors that the third fight between Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada and Román “Chocolatito” González will be held on January 22, Estrada reveals that nobody has confirmed anything to him.

“My promoter has not spoken to me, nor has he told me that I am going to fight on January 22 (with Chocolatito González) ”, Revealed the Gallo Estrada in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “I have seen in several places that the date is for January 22 in Los Angeles against Roman Gonzalez. We have been training in case they gave us a date, if it is that date or not, we are already training ”.

Estrada he assures that neither his coach, Alfredo Caballero, has told him something that the third fight with him Chocolatito It is already confirmed, but they are already training in case it happens.

“I don’t know if a Roman Gonzalez They have already confirmed him, but they have not confirmed anything to me ”, he assures Estrada. “Alfredo (Knight) He hasn’t told me anything, and I don’t think the promoter has already talked to him about whether it was made official or not. Most likely, yes, because you know when there are rumors it is because it can happen.

Gallo Estrada’s preparation for Chocolatito focuses on his physical condition

The Gallo Estrada sure that you are not working something different in your strategy to face the third time Chocolatito González. His emphasis is on fitness.

“You know that no? We are working normally, as always ”, reveals Estrada. “We are preparing ourselves physically, more than anything. That is what we need in that fight. We already know each other, we have already fought twice. We know that what we are going to need, mainly in this fight, is a lot of air and physical preparation ”.

The Mexican fighter, world champion super fly unified by the CMB and the AMB, assures that in the previous fight against Gonzalez, he needed to throw more blows.

“Last time I lacked a little more training,” he acknowledges. Estrada. “I had complications in the preparation. That’s why I didn’t throw so many blows, I needed to throw more blows. This is what we want to do now, throw more punches. As for reaction and everything, I did feel tired in the later rounds. I think we are emphasizing that, mobility, reflexes and throwing more shots ”.

But, even though the emphasis of preparation is on physical condition, the Gallo Estrada reveals that on this occasion, he decided with his team not to do high altitude camping.

“This time we decided not to go up there, because of the cold, because I always get sick,” he says. Estrada. “I am very cold, I always spend two or three weeks at altitude when I train and I always get sick, from the flu, cough, fever.”

Estrada is doing the strong part of his preparation in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

“We come to Culiacán,” reports Estrada. “We were already in Jiquipilco, State of Mexico, in high camp for the October 16 fight, but they canceled us and we went to Hermosillo, and we continue working in Hermosillo. But in order to be 100 percent concentrated, we come to Culiacán, normally we go to Mochis ”.