Moisés Fuentes ya fue trasladado a la Ciudad de México; muestra mejoría en movilidad

Moses Fuentes He continues with his recovery, which is going at a slow pace but improvement in mobility, and will continue it in Mexico City, where he arrived on Thursday from Cancun, Quintana Roo.

Moses it was flown yesterday (Thursday) by air ambulance ”, confirmed the promoter Oswaldo Küchle in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “He is already in a hospital in Mexico City.”

The capital fighter flew by private plane, accompanied by his wife. They arrived at the Toluca airport, from where they were transferred to a hospital in the country’s capital. The transfer had the consent of the doctors in Cancun. Sources He was still hospitalized in Cancun since last October 16.

“There is improvement, in the Cancun hospital they said that I had to be in the antechamber of a rehabilitation,” added the head of Village Promotions. “So it was decided to fly him to Mexico City with the consent of the doctors, everything went well.”

Although the former world champion has pneumonia that he will have to overcome before beginning his rehabilitation in another hospital, Oswaldo Küchle said there is improvement in Moi.

“What I know is that it is progressing slowly,” he said. “You have to take care of him right now before transferring him to another hospital and starting his rehabilitation.”

He reiterated that, as has happened since Moses He was knocked out at the Oasis Arena, they have been monitoring the health of the boxer and providing all the support to his family.

“We are very aware of him and his family, we have not rested in giving them all the support,” concluded the promoter.

There is visible improvement in Moisés Fuentes

A source from Cancun commented that the last report they had is that Moses evolving satisfactorily and feeling better.

“They told us that he had already opened his eyes, that he was moving his foot, his hands, is what we know,” said the source.

Moses Fuentes returned to activity on October 16 before David “General” Cuéllar, who knocked him out in the sixth round with a brutal left. After his fall, Moisés was treated by the medical staff in the ring and transferred to a hospital in Cancun. There he underwent surgery for a clot in the brain and where he spent more than a month.