Mi vida cambió como campeona del mundo: Erika Cruz se estrenará en la empresa Matchroom

Erika cruz live a dream after dethroning Jelena mrdjenovich and sign for the company Matchroom from Eddie hearn. She wants to show that she is the best featherweight in the world, and the first step will be this Friday, when she exposes her title of the World Boxing Association (WBA) before the also Mexican Melissa esquivel.

“My life has changed for the better in many ways,” he was sincere. Erika cruz in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “Emotionally I feel motivated because I realized that I can beat the big boys. I beat a great champion and I think I have a future in the pens ”.

After being crowned on April 22 in the United States, Erika cruz signed a contract with the company Matchroom, from Eddie hearn. There she feels valued, because it is the company that most promotes women’s boxing in the world, and she is sure that it is the effort of many years of work.

“Now with the backing of Matchroom the treatment is different, everything is very nice “, he commented. “I don’t want to look arrogant, but I feel important. Very happy, grateful to God, but it is something that I have earned after many years of work, of much suffering, I think it has been worth it ”.

The taste of the call Dynamite Cross because of boxing he inherited it from his father. Guillermo Cruz, was professional and that in May 1973 he beat Pipino Cuevas at the Arena Coliseo in the Mexican capital, before the Mexican idol was world champion.

“It runs in the family,” recalled the champion. “My dad became a coach and made me go to the gym. I went one day, from so much pressure, and I liked it a lot, I bring talent in my blood because of my dad and now I’m here ”.

Erika cruzBesides being a boxer, she is a mother, a law student and works in the National Guard. He will make the first defense of his scepter AMB in view of Melissa esquivel, sure that they will carry out a war without truce, which I would like to defeat by knockout.

“Just like her, we are not going to give a truce,” he said. Erika cruz. “I bring a preparation to work at the pace that they demand of me, I would like to win by knockout, if you can’t do a good job, take all the rounds. I want to make my first successful defense, it is difficult but we bring all the motivation and preparation ”.

The Dynamite Cross, who was a silver medalist at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara 2011, meets Melissa because he lived with her in the Mexican Olympic Committee. Both were selected from Mexico, and she knows it will be difficult.

Melissa it’s tough, ”he commented. “He will come with everything, no one will give a truce. I know that and I must be intelligent, I come well prepared. I know her and she knows me, although it is different upstairs because of the nerves, the pressure, the people. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out as you want or as you plan ”.

Finally, she declared herself ready to make her first defense this Friday at the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center. He wants to go out with his arm raised and show that he is up for great things.

“First, thank the company for giving me the opportunity,” he said. cross. “Turning to see us was as a result of winning the title. My life has changed and I want to defend him as what I am, the great champion ”.

Erika He made his debut as a professional boxer on March 6, 2016. It took him just over five years to achieve the world title opportunity, which he did not miss to strip the Canadian.

It will be the first defense of Erika, who has a 13-1 record, three knockouts, and also her debut as a fighter under the promotion of Eddie hearn. Melissa esquivel, who has a professional record of 12-1-1, four by knockout, will have his first world title fight

This Thursday they saw each other at the weigh-in ceremony and complied without problems. Erika she posted a weight of 126 pounds, the division limit, while the challenger registered 124.5 pounds, within allowance, but ready to exchange blows.