Santiago Gómez Cora: "We are very happy for the return of the World Seven Circuit"

The Pumas 7’s They qualified as first in their area and will play the quarterfinals in search of the Oro in the Dubai Seven. On the first day of the weekend, those led by Santiago Gomez Cora they beat Kenya from 22 to 17, to Spain from 28 to 7 and tied with the United States 21-21.

About, the head coach of Los Pumas 7’s He said: “We are very happy for the return of the World Sevens Tour, it is very important for the team to be able to function before the World Cup.”

In addition, it demonstrated the positive of the first day of Seven from Dubai: “We added five new players and we managed to win two games, we are happy for both situations.”

Finally, the historical tryman of the selected team referred to the present of the team: “We have a long year, a long season and we have to start over after the great participation in the Olympic Games.”