Teófimo López amenaza con dejar vacantes sus cinturones y subir a 140 libras

Teofimo Lopez assured that he is analyzing the possibility of leaving his belts and going up to 140 pounds, where the absolute monarch is Josh taylor, because nobody wants to fight him.

“I have been at this weight for eight years. I’ve been waiting for a whole year, two years, just to get a call from either of those guys. They have not appeared, so I feel that nobody wants to come to see me because I have all the belts, “he told Social Boxing. “So maybe if I drop all the belts, we’ll see how secure they all get. Let me fight (against Haney) at 140 lbs. Yes, come meet me at 140. Why am I going to fight someone who hasn’t even earned the belt? He hasn’t even fought for a world belt. “

A express question of his intention to vacate his belts, and move to 140 pounds instead of staying at 135 and face Devin Haney, Teofimo Lopez It says yes.

“No, a fight with Haney it’s possible. They have to come see me, “he added. Theophimus. “I’m starting to figure out some things.”

Teófimo López attacks Devin Haney

The same way, Theophimus took the opportunity again to tell everything to Devin Haney, with whom he shares the lightweight title of the CMB. Theophimus has the franchise title, and Haney the regular.

“In the first place, you didn’t really earn the belt, nor did you fight for the belt,” he said. “You (Haney) you received it by email. You don’t even know what it feels like to earn it. You got it by email, bro. I earned all these belts. To all who support Devin Haney, are also false. I do not like them”.

Theophimus made it clear that he is the lightweight king in boxing and that he is not going to loan them to anyone.