The M20 national team will concentrate in Rosario

After five months, the Argentine M20 squad will return to activity. The team led by José Pellicena will hold a national rally in Rosario between December 5 and 9.

“We are very happy to be able to do this concentration. It is an activity that will allow us to close the year and begin to prepare everything that will be next season,” said the coach of The Pumitas.

50 players They were selected through the Academies of the UAR, the Youth Rugby Centers and the clubs, in addition to their detection in the Argentine Youth Championship and the Inter Academies Meeting.

It should be noted that the last match they played was against the Junior Boks, with whom they fell 27-9, for the International Series in South Africa, where the Argentines finished in second place.

Those summoned:

Mateo Núñez Miseres (Alma Juniors), Francisco Palazzi (Old Lions), Máximo Laurín Escudero (Los Tilos), Tomás Herrador (Mar del Plata), Boris Wegner (Jockey Club Villa María), Tomás Bartolini (Marista RC), Manuel Arroyo ( Los Tordos), Santino Crivello (Old Resian), Martín Villar (Lomas Athletic), Octavio Barbatti (Jockey Club Córdoba), Lucas Fernández (Federal Shooting), Renzo Zanella (Commercial RC), Lorenzo Colidio (Duendes), Mateo Lorenzo (La Plata RC), Eliseo Chiavassa (Los Tilos), Federico Rollotti (La Tablada), Luciano Acevedo (Liceo RC), Efraín Elías (Jockey Club Córdoba), Pedro Rubiolo (CRAR), Felipe Villagrán (CAE), Felipe Bares (Los Tilos ), Mateo Gasparotti (Mar del Plata University), Valentín Cabral (Córdoba Athletic), Juan Mernes (CAE), Benjamín Grondona (Champagnat), Benjamín Rocca Rivarola (CASI), Facundo García Hamilton (Tucumán RC), Lucio Willington (Córdoba Athletic ), Mateo Albanese (SIC), Juan Cruz Strada (Santa Fe RC), Agustín Moyano (Córdoba Athletic), Mario Fernández ( Tucumán RC), Tomás Suárez Folch (La Plata RC), Juan Bautista Baronio (Jockey Club Rosario), Luciano Valdez (University Tucumán), Giuliano Avaca (Tala RC), Nicanor López Dib Fernández (Atlético del Rosario), Agustín Fraga (CUBA ), Justo Piccardo (SIC), Francisco Martos (Los Tordos), Juan Ignacio Larraburu (Mar del Plata), Mariano García Ascárate (University of Salta), Felipe Mallía (Jockey Club Córdoba), Valentín Soler Filloy (Tala RC), Tadeo Ustariz (Champagnat), Benjamín Elizalde (Tigres RC), Mateo Soler (Tala RC), Simón Walker (Curupaytí), Rodrigo Galíndez (Tucumán RC), Faustino Sánchez (Palermo Bajo)