Terrible Morales y Marco Barrera tuvieron algo de polémica en su podcast

Marco Antonio Barrera He remembered when the team of Érik “Terrible” Morales He tried to cheat with boxing gloves in the second fight between them.

“He wore gloves Winning Japanese with all the Mexican labels and the commission told us, ‘we have to investigate who was behind all that because they just didn’t do it,’ “he said. Barrier on the podcast One More Round. “To my brother Jorge Barrera They say to him, ‘you touch the gloves and you are going to go to jail’. My brother told him, ‘I take care of my brother’s safety because he is my blood.’ He took out the knife and, indeed, from a Japanese glove mattress ”.

After the Tijuana native won the first match between the two in February 2000, the rematch in June 2002 was when this event took place.

In accordance with BarrierThey tried to manipulate the gloves to gain an advantage in the fight. However, the brother of Barrier he realized it.

“Your team couldn’t find a place to go and my brother had to run because the police were already coming,” he said. Marco Antonio. “He told me Miguel Diaz, ‘We wanted or wanted to play you badly, but he had extra balls to break some gloves’, there they had dressed in all Mexican. Why cheat sir Readable, in such a noble sport? ”.

Terrible Morales He explained what the process is like in a world championship fight with boxing gloves. He claimed there was no way he was involved in tampering with the gloves.

“There is no way, because I do not touch them, I would never touch them, that I could manipulate gloves,” he replied. Erik Morales. “Imagine that you, how could I undress some gloves Winning and dress them in Kings? It is impossible. The shape of a glove Winning and a glove Kings it shows 100%.

“I must tell you, forgive me your ignorance, that there are many kinds of gloves,” he continued. Morales. “It would be great if the people of Kings I would come to tell you here to your face how are the procedures so that you understand that I did not manipulate any gloves, nor did I cheat ”.

The reasons why the Terrible Morales never wanted to fight with Juan Manuel Márquez
The reasons why the Terrible Morales never wanted to fight with Juan Manuel Márquez

The trap of Terrible Morales to Marco Barrera

In that second fight, Marco Antonio Barrera he was left with the victory by unanimous decision by cards of 115-113, 116-112 and 115-113.

However, Barrera accused Morales to have those gloves made to get an advantage.

“I’m not saying that you manipulated them, I’m saying that you ordered them to be done,” he said. “And he told us Miguel Diaz, who was in your corner for years ”.

“The Lord Diaz It was solely and exclusively the one who was in charge of my cuts, ”replied Terrible Morales. “He was never, ever in a training session of mine. I was never, never even jokingly on this side training, in the Otomi or watching. I don’t know when he knows that he says what he knows. If it had been real, imagine to everyone I was telling everyone ”.