Xavi reveals what Barcelona's problem is: "More than a goal, we lack audacity"

BARCELONA – Xavi Hernández rebelled, in his own way, against the widespread and obvious discourse of the lack of a goal that torments Barcelona this season and proclaiming his total “confidence” in the players, he asserted that the problem he contemplates is ” the lack of daring “.

The Barça coach, who warned of the team’s difficulty for “starting a project in November” and admitted that at this point “we don’t have any cushion of points”, viewed Villarreal’s game as “very difficult” because “it is about a direct rival to fight for the Champions League positions “.

“I am happy with the team as a group but we are missing the last third, which is where the games are decided. Daring more, reaching the area, daring with one against one … In general, I am quite satisfied with what I see in the game. field because we want to subdue the opponent in their field and I think we are succeeding, but we have to score and win the games, ”said Xavi, recalling that this start may be similar to what Guardiola had in 2008.

“It was not easy either, it cost the beginning, and I think that it also costs, but the players are catching it well. It is not a lack of goal but a lack of daring and that also happened to me when I was 18 years old and that is why we are the coaches and the analysts ”, he resolved, explaining that the forwards” have all my confidence but I think it is more a lack of daring than a lack of confidence. “

In this sense, the Barça coach closed the band when he was asked about the need to reinforce the squad with forwards, remembering that the winter market “will mark whether we can sign or not. We will see what we can do because it is too early to talk about incorporations” , and clarifying that already in his moment Mateu Alemany “said that right now it is not possible”.

“Talking about signings are hypotheses that are coming out. In the winter market we will see if we can strengthen ourselves or not and if we have the capacity to do so”, he summarized, warning that to play for Barça the forwards “must have good association, face profile and , of course, to shoot the goal, any striker who fits this profile can be valid “.

From there, Xavi put special emphasis on the importance of midfielders because “they all have a profile to shoot, Coutinho, Gavi, Riqui, Nico … they have a shot and better physique than the one I had, for example, that if I can identify with Busquets “.

In this sense, he praised the captain without reservation: “He is a very intelligent player and a fundamental piece in the team’s machinery. He is the thermometer, fundamental for me, as a coach, and as a captain because he is a leader.”

“We have to win. I think we are on the right path and the only thing we need is to dare more in the three quarters of the field forward … but although I have very good feelings, if tomorrow we do not win …”, warned the coach, who envisioned a “very difficult” game at Villarreal.

“Villarreal is an offensive team. Both Espanyol and Benfica defend in a low block. It will be a difficult game, more in their field, with smaller dimensions than normal. They have one of the best coaches in Spain and win, now that we don’t have a mattress, it would be a turning point. “