A High Performance Academy will be set up for training in South America

Starting this Sunday, November 28, the first South America Rugby high-performance coaches course will be held, which will end on December 4. The same will be in the city from Mar del Plata.

The new academy called “HP SAR Academy”, where there will be trainers, physical trainers, physiotherapists, nutritionists, video analysts and doctors from countries in the region, explaining everything that is needed in a high performance and professional staff.

Daniel Hourcade, South America Rugby High Performance Manager and Head of the Academy, manifested: “The importance of being able to carry out this Academy in person is immense. First of all, we want to thank the Mar del Plata Rugby Union for its full support and willingness to do it here.”

“Mar del Plata has always been a Union that supported all kinds of ideas and projects related to the dissemination and teaching of rugby. From my experience as coach of Pampas XV, the URMDP has always supported us in this regard and is an ideal place where everything is combined to make it excellent, “said the former Los Pumas coach.

In turn, he spoke about the participants of the Academy and stated that “each union of the six High Performance countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay – nominated their representatives to take part and be evaluated in this Academy One for each of the areas. “

“This training, which will have a final evaluation and ranking, will allow us to create the conditions to have human resources evaluated and tested in the field. Who does this course, in any of the areas, will be qualified to be part of a staff in the American Rugby Super League or any professional team “Hourcade said.

“This is a methodology that in 2019 was done only with coaching. This year we have extended it to a full staff. Little by little the conditions are being created so that whoever wants to dedicate himself to rugby professionally, in any area, has the path outlined to to be able to do it, “he said.

About the methodology, Hourcade confirmed: “The staffs will develop themselves a planning that they will carry out.” On Friday there will be a game between them, and after that the two staff will work planning the following week, as if they were continuing with the team. “This is a way to put the staff on the field and see how they work there and during the game. week. We will make returns, corrections and at the end of the Academy they will be evaluated in each of the areas, which has their respective managers. With that evaluation, they will pass -or not- the Academy. “

On the other hand, the managers will be giving open talks about all areas. On November 29 and 30, and on December 1 and 2, there will be talks open to the public on different topics of coaching, referato, physiotherapy, video analysis, nutrition and physical preparation.

Source: South America Rugby.