Arsenal vs.  Newcastle United - Match Report - November 27, 2021

(EFE) – Two goals in the second half, by Bukayo Saka and the Brazilian Gabriel Martinelli, gave Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal a win with which to stalk the Champions League positions and which sinks Newcastle in the well, bottom and without victories after 13 games.

While waiting for the Saudi money to make a thunderous breakthrough in the winter market, Newcastle still has not enough to behave like a “new rich.” He has signed his own “Nagelsmann”, Eddie Howe who at 34 and endorsed by his success at Bournemouth promises an offensive game. But for the moment he is only trying to plug a defensive drain that has sunk his team in last place, far from salvation.

In his debut on the magpie bench, -before Brentford he was in a confined hotel for testing positive for coronavirus- Howe managed to contain Arteta’s team for three-quarters of an hour, thanks to the performance of Slovakian goalkeeper Martin Dubravka, who rejected a good Free kick taken in the 20th minute by the Norwegian Martin Odegaard, but especially Jean-Pierre Aubameyang, who in an incredible way sent an empty shot to the post a couple of meters from the goal (m.41).

The Magpies, who in that first half even scared with a distant shot from Shelby that hit the crossbar, were left without arguments after the break, surpassed by the greater offensive intensity of Arsenal, which reaffirmed their superiority with two great plays in 10 minutes Specified by Saka and Martinelli, he just entered the field to replace the first, at 56 and 66 minutes.